Defeat Prop 10: Strict Rent Control, Housing Freeze, Economy Freeze and Frozen Tech


For sure, but we can’t even take baby steps or think out of the box for such an educated and world class, leading area.


Right now the battle is Prop 10. Leftist crap. Trying to turn the ship right is going to very difficult


Banning rent control but keep all the restrictions on development will just turn the mass against you. High real estate prices is a tax on society.


Agreed, but I wouldn’t expect this garbage coming from supposedly educated people…


That is why we more development not more laws


Historically zoning laws are racist tools to keep minorties out. They still are. I say banish all local level zoning and just have state wide regulations.


I say use Houston zoning for three years and see what happens.


prop10 supporter thinking.
if prop 10 passes, maybe house drop a lot, buying opportunity
i spoke to one of the vendor , he’s a renter, he’s voting for prop 10 cuz he want it to crash.


Of course he does. But will he be buying when he looses his job?


who knows. but that’s their thinking, and couple other ppl i talk to they don’t even know what is prop 10 until i told them about it.
I do see anti-prop 10 commercials a lot and i hope they can come thru
only problem is that in CA amount of poor renter number outweighs owner/landlord by a lot. really no one knows what will happen. crossing fingers.


Homeowners out number tenants except in LA and SF. Statewide homeowners rule. They need to be convinced that this prop 10 will lead to confiscation of their homes. Then it will fail. Polls show it losing


Again, let’s not sit on our arses and not VOTE!!! Tell everyone you know to vote it down. We can not afford to have this one, gang. Seriously…


I am. I have to talked to Steve Bailey. Our next AG.
Every homeowner is under attack from radical progressives. Even Newsom is against 10.


from 2017 home owner in CA only 54.4%. don’t know about now
and i’m sure there’s a lot more renter that is not being reported. undocumented? others.
it’s going to be pretty close. a lot of homeowner doesn’t even know prop 10, that’s the sad part, and how many of them are foreign investors that will not vote?
you know… just saying…don’t sit too comfortable, do it. vote vote vote and convince others to vote too


There is anti owners movement nationwide. People forget the Revolutionary War was fought over taxes and property rights. The Bernie socialism movement is out to destroy the American way of life.




Thanks for the reminder, @fastisslow

Ok, I expect every poster here who is married to be counted on for TWO no votes on Prop 10 at the ballot (husband and wife). If you have kids of voting age, you get bonus points if you make them vote too.


Oh man, you just stepped in it big time suggesting men tell women how to vote. I’ll save a screen shot in case you’re ever nominated for a cabinet position, supreme court, or anything else. :slight_smile:


Come on, husband and wife who are presumably owners should vote NO on Prop 10… no excuses this time…