Defeat Prop 10: Strict Rent Control, Housing Freeze, Economy Freeze and Frozen Tech


vote yes on 10 -> passed -> housing drops -> buy -> vote yes on repeal prop 10 -> house up


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anti prop 10 commerial are like every 10 minutes on tv


Good, but I am also seeing a fair number of pro Prop 10 commercials during the Fox news hour at 10pm. The problem I see is, I have not seen a commercial where it comes out firing that 90% of all economists have stated that rent control actually worsens the situation. To me, that would speak volumes. Maybe have a Nobel Prize winning economist do a commercial in support of voting no on Prop 10. What I would also do is, let’s start turning renters against each other. How? Well, show the example where a rich, older renter has kept a cheap unit in a building while a millennial new renter is paying 5-10x more due to a recent new lease. Have senior mom and pop owners do commercials where they tell their story of rising costs but the inability to raise rents to keep up.

Essentially, this is a call for fairer laws, not the Draconian Prop 10 law. How is it remotely fair to potentially require that an owner maintain the rent level once the tenant has left and ended the lease? Would it be fair if you never got a raise?


victim mentality. If you want to win, need to make landlord as a victim


Yes, agree! Bring on the old mom and pop owners to tell about increasing costs and the inability to raise the rents to keep up. They will state that they have always been fair with raising rents but the reality is costs have gone up more.

You obviously know how I am. I would love to see a satire/comical commercial where a guy let’s say is on the phone bragging to a buddy about how he only pays X dollars for rent due to rent control and is never going to give it up even though he owns multiple properties elsewhere. Commercial stops right there with a big “FAIR?” on the screen. Then the “Vote No on Prop 10” ending…


and victim landlord page of how got rental property destroy, BS lawsuit , etc…


Other than promoting “No Prop 10” to your significant others, friends and neighbors, it’s very important to do the following in October

  1. Place a “No Prop 10” yard sign on your front yard, or on the public land by major road.
    Impact: 300-30,000

  2. Place a “No prop 10 sticker” on your number.
    Impact: 30,000 to 60,000

  3. Place a “No Prop 10” poster on your window.
    Impact: 300-800

  4. Compose a viral “No Prop 10” message, share by Facebook or Twitter.
    Impact: 50 to 1 million

  5. Share No prop 10 articles on social media.
    Impact: 100 to 100,000.

How to order “No Prop 10” material:


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Prop 10 is the most important stuff for October. Let’s delegate Kavanugh to others, unless Kavanugh is willing to say something about Prop 10 before November 6.

We need all the allies to defeat Prop 10. Both Ford and Kavanugh are welcome to join us to defeat the stupid Prop 10! As a result, we’ll refrain from commenting on Kavanaugh and Ford.


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Where can I get yes on prop 10 materials?


Come on @sheriff, get with the program…


@sheriff you can check with AIDS Foundation if you are interested.

Prop 10 is bad. It will make the future generation homeless


Sadly, I have to reside here for a few more years…


Many homeless are working poor that can’t afford an apartment because of high rents. They are living in their cars. Prop 10 will help them.


How will it help them if rent control starts at current rents and limits future increases?


Hold on, don’t you own? A townhouse or SFH correct?


Prop 10 won’t help the current homeless. Instead, Prop 10 will create more and more homeless population when no new apartment is built, and when single family houses and condos exit the rental market to become owner occupied. This process may take 10-20 years.

After 20 years, there will be no rental vacancy. Evicted tenants due to no payment or bad behavior will be homeless. New immigrants, new graduates and newly relocated workers will have to live in hotels for many years before they can afford to buy.

51% of the renters are against Prop 10.