Defeat Prop 10: Strict Rent Control, Housing Freeze, Economy Freeze and Frozen Tech


Yes, I do. A lot of owners are going to vote for it because they want their children to be able to afford a rental in the area, not 100 miles away.


Interesting… I would think most owners think they and their children will more than likely be owners too (at some point).


since CA home owner population is down to 54% or so, a fair number of people don’t own their homes and expect their kids won’t own either :frowning:


Ok, I’m going to have to throw the race card on this one…

Asians who own do not plan to have their children not own (rent). They see the positives of home ownership vs renting and will pass that onto their kids, knowledge and properties. My bro-inlaw is caucasian and for him it was after college you on your own. don’t expect much help from us school of thought, so I can see how renting then is the norm for some folks… (No negative posts please, just my observations from own experiences)


20% of the homeowners still know nothing about Prop 10. Spread No Prop 10 to uninformed homeowners in October.

It’s too late to debate now. Just spreads the words to as many as possible. It’s not worth the effort to engage in long discussions unless it’s a highly inflential social butterfly or church leader or a journalist


How are they going to afford a rental when there’s no rentals available? The wait list will be YEARS if not DECADES long.



We exploit quasi-experimental variation in assignment of rent control in San Fran- cisco to study its impacts on tenants, landlords, and inequality. Leveraging new data tracking individuals’ migration, we find rent control limits renters’ mobility by 20% and lowers displacement from San Francisco, especially for minorities. Landlords treated by rent control reduce rental housing supplies by 15%, either by converting to con- dos/TICs, selling to owner occupants, or redeveloping buildings. In the long-run, we find rent control increased the gentrification of San Francisco, as the endogenous changes in the housing supply attracted higher income residents, undermining the goals of rent control.


Many owners could not afford the home they live in if they had to buy it at today’s prices. Its interesting that some people say it will drive prices down. If so, more people can own a house.


Well, owners don’t need to buy at today’s prices though. In fact, they may have a fair amount of equity that could be tapped by the kids at some point.



  1. Owners have equity( which they would not have had without price increase)
  2. Kids can buy if they make local salary.


How to make Prop 10 a hot topic? As hot as Kavanaugh?


If nimbyies actually cared about their children they would become yimbyies. Instead Prop 10 will create negative housing growth. Nobody will rent out there homes. They would rather leave them empty than subject themselves to rent control


Do you expect an AIDS guy to come up with a good housing policy? Scott Wiener had better ideas


The only solution is a lot more housing. One million units in CA alone. Can be done with 1950s capitalism. Not by Bernie 21st century communists


Regulation is the reason for housing shortage, and some people want more strict regulation to further reduce rental housing.

Fortunately majority of the people, including 51% of the renters, disapprove Prop 10




Supply and demand, competition should determine the market price. Price control failed communist counties and it will fail our rental housing.

Rent control does not solve housing shortage. Rent control will make housing shortage worse.

San Jose is at risk. 5% was almost reduced to CPI last year. Single family house, condo and new development are under attack by Prop 10.

No On Prop 10 in San Jose as well.


No On Prop 10.
Feinstein for Senator.
Cox for Governor.

It’s not good to have one voice and silence others voice. Media coverage is biased. Some important info is not covered enough and some hearsay is covered a lot.

Media bias is the most important reason for the divisiveness.

Everyone should go vote this year. That’s your voice media can’t silence.

No On Prop 10.
Feinstein for Senator.
Cox for Governor.


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