Defeat Prop 10: Strict Rent Control, Housing Freeze, Economy Freeze and Frozen Tech


You are a closet Prop 10 proponent aren’t you? :scream:

Thought I know you. :scream:


First you implement a mild rent control to make it tolerable to people. Then you fabricate a tenant-landlord incident, use the rotten journalists to exaggerate and mislead, then a hostile tenant-landlord relationship will escalate. Then you use the tenant majority and journalists and politicians to enslave the landlords.

Then you have Costa Hawkins Act to ban rent control on single family house and condos and new buildings.

Now, you just tell everyone to vote No on Prop 10 to avoid the future renters having nowhere to rent. It would be a sad state when your children have nowhere to rent and they come back to your house to take away your property while you are still alive


Mark Z doesn’t know I am a landlord wannabe :smile:


Prop 10 will reduce number of rental units. Also it will incentivize the existing tenant to not move to pursue other career opportunities and other life opportunities. It is bad for tenants.

Proposition 10 opponents say the initiative isn’t just bad for landlords or bad for the economy. Ultimately, it’s bad for tenants, they say.

“It reduces the existing stock of rental housing,” said Debra Carlton, public affairs senior vice president for the California Apartment Association. “Single-family owners will get out and sell. Condo owners will get out and sell. Apartment owners will convert to condos.

Carlton cited a 1998 city report saying Berkeley lost about 2,600 rental houses and multifamily units during the years the city had a stringent form of rent control. Santa Monica lost roughly 9,000 units, she said.


My grandfather and my mother were both abused by rent control. I hate rent control and it’s advocates with a passion that only refugees from communism can appreciate, refugees like my wife.


Rent control is good. It prevents landlords from turning into greedy bastards… :rofl:


I don’t like rent control either. But I don’t understand people who hated rent control and yet kept holding onto their houses. Why? There are a lot more other investments you could do.


You can’t argue against rent control but on the other hand insist on tax breaks for property owners. Heads i win and tails you lose? Can’t hold up for long in a democracy. Sooner or later the pitchforks will come.


Why not? I’d like to have my cake and eat it too… :rofl:


Property tax is not necessary. Other taxes are more fair.


Wow… you are welcome to be my mayor… :rofl:


I don’t own any property in rent controlled areas My family was trapped and held hostage by rent control. Like having the Gestapo come into your home a steal your silverware. Felt like government sanctioned rape.
It stole more than 50% of the value of housing in Berkeley


Berkeley median house price is still north of 1M, no? Rent control may have knocked prices down a peg. But compared to the reluctance to build which is like a rocket fuel for house prices it’s really nothing.


Wait, I thought you owned in Oakland? SFHs only???


Berkeley was the one of the most desirable expensive places in the BA in the sixties. Now less than one fourth the value of PA. Which was basically a farm town in 1965.


The apartments I own in Oakland are built after 1995. Not rent controlled unless 10 passes


Then, H met P and the rest is history as they say…


PA still doesn’t have rent control


I don’t think Berkeley < PA because of rent control. It’s the rise of Silicon Valley. How many billion dollar startups came from PA? How many from Berkeley?


Which means I expect every freaking PA owner to be voting NO on 10 if they know what’s good for them…