Defeat Prop 10: Strict Rent Control, Housing Freeze, Economy Freeze and Frozen Tech


The anti business environment drove people to Silicon Valley. Berkeley had plenty of talent. My friends father was an early pioneer in computers. S jobs and Woz were at Berkeley. Prop 10 is pure evil


Costa Hawkins saved Berkeley in 1996. Berkeley had vacancy control, the worst city until Costa Hawkins outlawed vacancy control.

Costa Hawkins also saved single family and condos from rent control slavery.

No Prop 10.


Berkeley is recovering after 25 years in the wilderness of socialism


Seeing a lot of “No Prop 10” yard signs recently. Did anyone else notice?


Where’s the Yes on Prop 5 signs, @BAGB??? Don’t listen to our Fearless Leader! Vote Yes for more goodies for homeowners, not less…



I haven’t see any in my areas, Hayward, San Leandro, and Alameda.


I saw a lot this week in the peninsula and the South Bay. It must have happened in the last 2 weeks.

You need to order a few hundred and spread in Haywayd, San Leandro and other East Bay cities.

Order yard signs for free. Also bumper sticker etc. You can print in color.


I didn’t see any signs for Prop 5. See many signs for “No Prop 10”. Saw a couple of yes on gas tax repeal. That’s it.

Yard sign is good for suburbs. In SF and Oakland, there’s no place for yard signs, I guess bumper sticker and posters on window might be better in cities


I just made my decision. I am voting yes on prop 10. The reason is the no on prop 10 people are spreading so many obvious lies about it, like 539 individual rental boards, $60k decrease in value of single family homes, taking away money from schools, etc.

I am also voting against the gas tax for two reasons. In San Diego they are giving 80% of it to the mass transit agency instead of using it to repair roads and bridges. If they used it to repair roads it would be different. Also, if they divorced it from the higher vehicle registration fees and had separate votes I would vote yes on the gas tax and no on the vehicle fee increase.


Looks like our votes will be exact opposite.


I voted. NO on prop 10. Most other things on the ballot was a YES… except when there was a fund to help the homeless then again a NO…


I’ll vote No on Prop 10.

Will vote to repeal gas tax. So we have something in common :joy:

Will throw a coin on 6


Yes on 5,6. No on Prop 10. It is an evil communist takeover. When RBG dies it will be struck down by the Supreme Court


For the purpose of rent control and property rights, let the GOP control the congress and the presidency.
Until democrats change their position on rent control and property rights.

Communism and DSA will split Democratic Party into 2, one moderate party and one radical party.


I usally vote no on all propositions. They are usally pushed by a special interest and are poorly written and not vetted. Direct democracy is mob rule.

I am voting yes only on 5 and 6 unless you all can change my mind. The daylight savings proposition is intriguing but it does seem to actually do anything


Most of the propositions are bad. Most of the new laws in California are bad. Only a small fraction is needed and only a small fraction is helpful.

Really need to reduce the number of regulations and propositions. They are destroying the innocent citizens and feed good people into the mouth of lawyers.


Prop 11 seems like a waste of everyone’s time. Why is it on the ballot and who is pushing it?


It’s easy to guess. AMR

The committee had raised $21.90 million. American Medical Response, the country’s largest medical transportation firm, was the sole donor to the committee. There were no committees registered to oppose the ballot initiative.[4]


Special interest crap. Vote no


Ok, help me out Forum Members. How should I be voting on Prop 8? Yes, my mother is on dialysis treatment regularly so I may be biased on the vote but I don’t know who to believe exactly.