Defeat Prop 10: Strict Rent Control, Housing Freeze, Economy Freeze and Frozen Tech


Prop 8 is just a ruse to unionize dialysis clinics
Which means less clinics
Most propositions have bad intents. If they are legit they should be vetted thoroughly by the legislature


Default votes on all props should be No. If at all uncertain just vote no.


Don’t know what is going on, didn’t vote


The California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.) asks REALTORS® to vote yes on Proposition 5 and no on Proposition 10.


Prop 5 might actually open up the low end. Under $1m for first time buyers. Might encourage some old farts to move


The realtors are the ones pushing prop 5. Nobody else wants it. You can already downsize once in California without losing your tax base if you are over 55.


Only to certain counties…


Realtors are representing homeowner’s interest, right?


No, they represent their own interest.


No they are on the front lines they know what people want. Being able to move is what America is all about. Prop 5 is pro America. Prop 10 is pro communist


Many unions support Prop 10, such as teacher’s union, nurse’s union. @sheriff also happen to be in the postal union. Why do the unions like Prop 10?

Guess who’s against Prop 5? Teacher’s union and David Chiu from SF!

The backers of Proposition 5 collected enough signatures of registered California voters to qualify it as a ballot measure.


California Association of Realtors (CAR) sponsored the measure. CAR argues this could take away the fear of seniors who wish to downsize their homes by selling larger homes and buying smaller ones.


California Teachers Association, Assm. David Chiu (D-San Francisco). They believe it will not make more housing available, as supporters contend.


Under Prop 10, even if you rent out or sublet a bedroom, it would be under rent control. Everyone would be affected directly or indirectly


I will vote No on everything except the Daylight Saving Time Prop 7.

If you are lazy and don’t know what to vote, just vote No on everything. It’s pretty close to optimal in any given year. Most propositions are hot shit sponsored by special interests.


Vote YES on Prop 6.

Prop 6 is FOR rolling back the gas tax and registration increases.


Yeah. People forget gov Gray Davis was recalled over gas taxes

This is the reason for Prop 6

Gov. Brown and the legislative leadership secured the necessary two-thirds vote in each house to pass the gas tax package by buying off a handful of legislators via promises for specific transportation projects in their districts. (The two-thirds vote requirement for tax hikes at the state level is a lesser-known benefit of the iconic Proposition 13, enacted in 1978. But with a Legislature dominated by tax-and-spend liberals, the supermajority threshold was met.)


Definitely voting yes on this one. I just paid $415 for my vehicle registration :rage:


That’s because you are driving a luxury car. Mine just costs 100 bucks.


Prop 6, Prop 10 and Cox are all going down. Thank goodness.


Every one please educate your friends and family too to vote YES on Prop 6 to defeat this measure.


A friends 13 year old car cost $150 for Registration.