Defeat Prop 10: Strict Rent Control, Housing Freeze, Economy Freeze and Frozen Tech


Prop 10 lost but rent control is still a legal leviathan that will be taking over…Sacramento and San Diego could be next.


‘Yes’ on Prop 10 got 6000 more votes than ‘No’ in San Francisco county. It’s the only county where ‘Yes’ was higher.


Of course renters outnumber homeowners 2-1


48% of the renters are against Prop 10. Prop 10 is really bad.


The fight is not over . Renters will vote rent control when they get a majority. I am worried about Sacramento. The BA is already a lost cause


Yeah, renters must have voted against Prop 10 too. It’s losing by highest margin for any Prop.


SCC 60% against 10, SMC 63% against, SAC also 63%. It’s surprising that SAC has the same ratio as SMC.


It is time for a rent control ban proposition
Sacramento had a rent control measure that was pulled. Maybe on the next ballot. We are raising rents as fast as we can.


Prop 10 was promoted by communists and supported by unions, losing big.

Prop 8 was supported by unions to limit profit and fatten the labor cost, losing big. No profit regulation on dialysis service.

Unions are losing big yesterday.

Maybe it’s a good time to do the following

1. Repeal rent control in California totally.

2. Stop public pension in California for new public employees. Stop pension accrual for existing public employees. Limit pension benefit to retired public workers.


Tax public pensioners if they move out of state


Mission is of course no surprise at all. But what’s the deal with Inner Sunset? Richmond at 52% and Chinatown at 51%. :man_facepalming:


All those damn Chinese newspapers advocating Yes on 10.
I’m gonna make my own proposition to have West SF secede from the rest of SF - elect our own middle-of-the-road politicians. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


There are a lot of MFH and apartment buildings in Inner Sunset and Richmond.


Inner Sunset has lots of MFH? Did not know that.

I thought Chinese immigrants had better sense than that. Apparently not.


I used to live in a MFH there back in the heyday…


The oldsters in chinatown are so malleable and so trapped in their own world. They don’t travel much beyond an 8 block radius 'cos they aren’t very mobile, they aren’t on the net, and what they read is Sing Tao Daily, etc. Totally brainwashed.


Visitacion Valley is the same as Sunset. What’s the main population in Visitacion Valley?

Even Excelsior and Ingleside are doing ok. Mainly Asian homeowners?


Somewhat surprised the Sunset got behind progressive Gordon Mar, the twin brother of infamous Eric " Happy Meal Toys Are Bad" Mar. I guess still a lot of renters in the Sunset and not everyone was keen on Jessica Ho who just moved to the area. Damn it, I should have ran…


Tenant organizations are always working hard to rent control your property. Don’t forget about rent control, it’s a forever battle. Commies never give up, you need to be alert.


Tenant rights = confiscation of property rights