Definition Of Idiots: SF Board Of Supervisors + DA


Yes, directed at the Housing Authority…

Now, that shortfall better not be taking funds from the General Fund…


They had an incorrect bookkeeping of an extra $20M in reserve. I am wondering whether they did this on purpose since they know City has lots of money right now so they spent very aggressively. Nobody gets fired when you build extra homeless housing.

“The problem is that, because of lax bookkeeping, the authority inaccurately thought it had more than $20 million in reserves. Smith said the Housing Authority was aggressive in spending that money to rehabilitate units needed to house homeless families in neighborhoods like Chinatown and the Tenderloin.”



How about making the homeless do it???


Maybe the Sunset should break off and secede from the City of SF and create a new city called “West SF”. Then we would elect our own center-right and center-left politicians, with actual sane policies, rather than the crazy-sh$#t we see coming from City Hall on the East side of the city.

— Tongue firmly in cheek — kind of.



Katy, Katy, Katy,

I get it you wanted out but your poor pick is going to cost us for a number of years in the Fab 7x7…


I told you to support Jessica Ho but you picked someone who doesn’t even have a remote chance. Moderate voters are strange and they always fight with each other to benefit their enemy. :disappointed_relieved: :angry:


Who, me? I voted for Jessica…and had the school teacher or the other chinese guy Tom as backups


At least you voted for her. She needed enthusiastic supporters all the time, where are they???

When will be the next election? You guys better have a good candidate to defeat Mar


From the article, it sounds like Katy really did us moderates a disservice by picking someone who would not stand up to scrutiny. Where are all those freaking Sunset home buyers I talk about all the time? In China, so they couldn’t vote???

All I know is, if Gordon starts to behave like his twin brother did, he will hear from me. He says he is independent and presumably here to serve the Sunset people then he better do just that. He is a Sunset homeowner yet he was a Yes for Prop 10…go figure


It’s going to be a very long 4 years, dragonboy. Mar has faked as “independent” or something else, you will know.

Sunset people have foolishly handed over a precious gift to the leftist SF


Like I said, of all the items we were voting on this one caught me by surprise. Surely, the people of the Sunset remember Happy Meals Eric Mar his twin. Maybe Eric is the evil twin…:grinning:


What the heck is causing these American born East Asians to go full retard leftist? All cut from the same strange defective cloth - Jane Kim, David Chiu, Eric Mar, Gordon Mar … WTF??


Trying to be objective here, but I suppose they feel that it is their way of giving back by serving the ones less fortunate than them. Heck, I may feel the same way but I wouldn’t go full bore left wing either. I would serve as a moderate and try to make things fair for all.


They are just as bad as the Communists from the homeland that their elders were running from when they got to the States. Idiots.


Jane Kim: UC Berkeley (Boalt) Law; Stanford

David Chiu: Harvard Law; Harvard

Eric Mar: New College of Ca Law; UC Davis

Gordon Mar; UC Berkeley

All except Gordon, LAWYERS (Eric non practicing but still). WTH? How is it that we end up with all the pro bono ones instead of the ambulance chasers???


Translation - none of them have ever thought about things like: quarterly results, gross margin, operating margin, growing top line, bottom line, etc.


Translation they were too dumb to become doctors like their parents wanted. Most lawyers I know are miserable. They went law school because they couldn’t figure out how find a gainfull career otherwise.


So, I am trying to understand how these fairly smart individuals, when told that for example 90%+ economists agree that rent control is bad, they don’t at least give it some face time. How is that possible??? Everyone takes Econ 1 in undergrad…