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That is what being a billionaire could make me afford this yo! One day… One day…


Once they stopped making fun cars (CRX, NSX and S2000) Honda has gone to crap. The recent Civics are kinda cool, but really more for kids. I repeat, how hard would it be for an established player, Honda, to make a super cool sports car, a convertible, for $50K and under? Again, keep it simple with few luxury gadgets but put the tech in the engine, suspension, etc.


The big money is in SUVs and pickups. Even Porsche knows that… Hardly anyone buys convertibles or sports cars. Too small a niche


I still think the big thing to come mainstream is to electrify your old ride. I know a few outfits are starting to do that. I would love to keep my SUV but get the benefits of a electric motor. God, imagine if my CRX has an electric engine. O-60 would under 2 sec due to how light and small the car is. It literally would be hell on wheels…


It is happening in sail boats. Weight is not an issue. And you only need 30 hp. A new gas inboard engine for my sailboat is $6k. About the same as electric conversion.
Plus sailboats don’t need an engine except for goin in and out of the harbor.


I wouldn’t mind having a fishing boat. Need to do something when retired…


There is a related Maxim article on this but my company’s firewall doesn’t like the source I guess…


asking 12k.


Just like work, sometimes I would rather start fresh and create my own new “mess” than pick up someone else’s mess…


I made my offer to you :slight_smile:


The idea of a cheaper, fun ride is enticing to my wallet, but I am holding out for the chance at maybe an old NSX still. Of course, now that those stupid articles came out about how they are better investments than the Dow sure ain’t helping, but it was and still is my dream car.

Sometimes, I really do regret buying all these properties. Come on, most people have one, nice home and they are good to go. Why must I have 3 houses and a share of our family building??? God, keep one good house, sell the rest and pay freakin’ Uncle Sam his god ugly cut and go and buy your dream car, dragonboy, with cash… I usually then wake up to the loud sound of my alarm at 6am…


IWent to Hot August Nights for 4 hours. Thousands of cars. Would take three days to see them all. Went with an 80 year old collector. He explained that collecting is a competitive sport for rich guys. They just want to have the coolest cars, cost is not a concern. Hard to compete with guys like that. There was a VIP section inside with million dollar cars where they compete for a $50k prize. But there are tons of cars that aren’t that desirable and are much cheaper.
Lots of 50s and 60s muscle cars, hot rods and customs. 400k visitors.
Very few Japanese or European
My favorite was the 1958 corvette
Less than $80k. Pickup trucks are more than that these days


60s corvettes are the best, but 58 also looks solid!

I am curious how many of them are hands on with building/repairing these cars vs just buying them?

To me a project corvette > lambo. one has a character.


Found a rare split window corvette:


I think the average collector is a grease monkey. They love working on cars. My friend is attorney but used to work on his cars regularly. Starting to get too old now.

Another friend has a 1965 vette. Strictly a garage queen. Does not do his own work. Hardly ever drives it. Paid $50k.



There are thousands of these Cobras out there . Some are very cheap. I doubt theses replicas appreciate much but look cool



real men build their own car. ouch. :slight_smile: some of the replicas are self-made with the kit from superformance or factory five.


I suppose I must admit that when I do most of the work to say get an apartment or house ready for rent that it is somewhat gratifying (as long as real work is not busy). I guess I would want a mechanic buddy who could mentor me along the way on the build. Ain’t gonna lie, not that confident driving by say Devil’s Slide in a bucket of bolts built solely by my hands just yet…


hit reddit. you might be surprised. there might be people willing to mentor you in your neighborhood. also maybe try nextdoor, but my bet is on reddit.

My goal in this order (somewhat in price order):

  1. DIY home automation (buy sensors, write software for basic things & drivers). plenty of zigbee/zwave devices
  2. Build an electric skateboard (DIY, https://diyelectricskateboard.com/ has kits).
  3. get a paramotor (unlikely, as it is dangerous).
  4. eventually when i have fu money, f5 kit.


Yeah, for some reason I am not too big on home automation. God, even with those sensor operated faucets scare me. What if I am on vacation and the water faucet somehow gets turned on? Where it matters, low tech is the way to go IMHO…