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Overpriced. Can get a 1995 for that price.



Not sure these Factory Five Cobras are worth the effort. I mean, let’s see what this ends up going for, but $20K to me is meh…


Craigslist has a bunch of f5 shelbies. Seem to go around 35-40k

This car is of wrong color. You either need blue or red. It has got to shine.


If that is the case, you can pick this up cheaply and just paint it to your desire. I am still interested in checking these out in person but a regular make/model car has its advantages for parts and maintenance assistance.

This would be totally cool to have:

Auction up to 50k now…



60s corvettes must be a sweet spot of mine. I almost exclusively look for them, just to see.


From bat!


The hard part is pricing a used Factory Five make. It is not like you have others to compare to, apples to apples. What is a fair price?


Id say these cars are all lightly used almost always so little depreciation. You can buy parts from f5, i think that is about 25k+. Then engine and all. 30 something is minimum, unless someone is having a fire sale.


See, @dioworld, don’t be ripping on my crx!!!:grinning::grinning::grinning:


first thing first, BILLIONAIRE…
so… that said it all haha


Billionaire’s fart smells better than any perfume :slight_smile:



Elt1 - you seen to know a lot about these — and the breakpoint between 1989-1994 body styles and 1995 - 1998 bodystyles!

BTW, I prefer the 1995-1998 as well.


I owned a 1995 Cabriolet. A huge improvement over the 1988 I owned. The 1988 drove like a truck in comparison. The shifter was a much crisper and shorter throw. My last stick shift. I prefer the modern automatics


I knew it ;-). I have a 1996. I’m still driving a stick shift! :slight_smile:


Sticks are fun except in BA traffic.


Everything these days are electronic this or paddle that. Real sports cars should have very minimal gadgetry so that you feel the road and the car performing under you. Yes, that is why cars like the old NSX and even my CRX are so beloved. They give you that true driving experience, one that requires the driver to drive. Really drive. Sure, manual steering on my CRX sucks when parking but once you are on the road, I love it!


Old school. The 1988 Porsche was a bitch to park. The 1995 was a dream.
Modern sports cars are amazing. Old cars and just old.

Restomod is the new trend. Old bodies with modern guts.
Revology makes the ultimate new cars. Identical copies with state of the art technology.




The 1990s are a sweet spot and golden age for cars. They were modern enough to be reliable, computer controlled engines with fuel injection, advanced suspension designs… However, cars were not yet excessively overloaded with iPads on the dash and other gadgetry like 10 different driving mode yet…