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i thought about that. I am keeping automation mostly passive, mostly sensors.
I am paranoid, i check if i turned of things multiple times, so to counteract, I am going to get a bunch of door/window sensors, a smart lock (will need to investigate the most secure one), couple leak sensors to put underneath sinks and in bathrooms. you can go one more step and have a water valve installed to cut off water automatically or remotely.


Yes, in my old age, I too tend to recheck doors and faucets. I know, not logical (I know I turned it off the first and only time) and I am really trying to stop doing that. I feel that my senses are still sharp as ever, yet our mind plays tricks on us. Did you close it or not???


Always respect your elders…


Come on!!!


Let me know if you want a ride on my car.

This 1935 Duesenberg SSJ just sold at a Gooding and Company auction for $22 million, making it the most expensive American car ever sold at auction!



Nah, this one is better… oh, the price smells of an Asian


You suck man!

I thought I had found a winner. :smiley::smiley::smiley:


Sorry man… we love you anyway



Not too crazy about the red interior (when matched with this exterior color), but the car is pretty cool…



I used to think the Beetle is kind of cute…how sad…


Carmakers don’t get it. People want something sexy or cute to drive. Not everyone wants a Prius box.


People love their Prius but they should upgrade to a Tesla by now though!