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Investment Potential: Buy a nice new Honda Civic Type R today and store it for 20 years. Triple the “original price”…


I am thinking tight parking spots.


Yeah, i was sure it wasn’t gullwing, but didn’t know what it was. used gullwing :stuck_out_tongue:


Tesla Model X “X Wing” is calling you @tomato


It is like collecting anything… the new stuff is just not as good or too many in quantity. The best way may be to grab as many of the limited integra type Rs as you can…


I would wait for a recession to begin “hoarding” nice cars. 1st gen NSXs were around $35K in 2008…


i said i am cheap :slight_smile:


Nice houses first then nice cars! That is the right order for financial smart “car loving” people!


How hard is it to find JDM right hand driver Crxs??? I will have a family contact based in Japan soon…


@sfdragonboy knows my heart lies on a shelby cobra kit which i build :stuck_out_tongue:


You can do it, totally!!! Just think of it as a long, drawn out project at work. Really, no different.


GM’s Cruise Draws $2.75 Billion From Honda in Self-Driving Pact



OMG, the day Honda invests in an American car company is the day you no longer buy a Honda. I should know, my wife’s 2008 Honda that was built probably here (but def not in Japan) was literally a piece of crap (for Honda standards). What, Honda can’t do the R&D itself?


I bought my last honda in 2005 and it’s still in my garage. Made in japan hand assemble if i remember correctly


SoftBank, Toyota Team Up on Ride-Hailing, Self-Driving Cars




Pair this bad boy new Lambo SUV up iwith your yellow S2K…(how appropriate, starting at $200K)


i’m poor, unlike manch, got no money man…


From the side profile, it sorta looks like this:

The most ugliest car ever.


What car is that? I wouldn’t characterize that as the most ugliest car ever… To me, this is:


AMC Gremlin


this is the best car ever