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That, was my second choice…


GM Cuts in Front of Waymo to Seal Self-Driving Deal With Honda




OMG, what the heck is that? Sometimes abortion is really the only way to go…


2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser


Ok that is half of the wild kids…what is the other half that contributed to that beautiful child?


Come on, Hondas used to be bulletproof right off the line and into your garage for many, many moons…


i think honda start going downhill ever since they get away from JDM ricer to target old man family.
i have not consider honda after the s2k.
i would love them to bring back the integra though.


Yes, Honda changed and went too green also. Honda or Acura, is essentially the same company. Unfortunately, the numbers selling just didn’t pan out, but who can deny these lovelies:




nsx is a beauty.


This is essentially what my wife’s friend’s husband has. Clean black one that you can look at it all day…


Buy it from him


I told him and I am on the list… he prefers a white one, so is looking for it.




Traded my 2013 Prius for a Highlander. Best car I have ever owned.



Come on, people, did you really think Cali was going to give you a free ride for life??? (LOL)


Ford Prepares to Cut Salaried Jobs in $11 Billion Restructuring



More details will come out, but I can’t understand how 18 passengers died in a limo that didn’t catch fire. Yes, they weren’t belted, but stll…


Chinese Tesla Challenger Hits Funding Snag