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lot of people steal CRX, dragonboy, you better lock that up. maybe convert your garage into burglar rated safe garage.


Come on, it has been parked regularly on the street for the last oh 3-4 years with only the club on. Once I repaint it, yes, I suppose it should get the king space (garage)…


your’s is a stick shift right? maybe that’s why, no one knows how to drive no more haha


I believe all US (at least) CRX Si’s were issued with the following as standard:

  1. 1.6 engine
  2. moonroof
  3. manual tranny

Especially hard to find a gal who knows how to work the stick…:wink:


Her stick or yours?


We like a jack of all trades…




Very cool garages and some beautiful cars!!!

The gal is collecting JDM cars!!! How cool is that???