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The $6 Trillion Barrier Holding Electric Cars Back

Sales are surging, but the costs of building the associated infrastructure suggest this will be a lengthy transition.



Is slower than many EV supporters here think. Because of complexity and cost of infrastructure, things actually move slower than from horses to petrol cars.




@sfdragonboy — saw this and thought of you :slight_smile:



Thanks! Mine unfortunately is rusting away parked outside in the Sunset mist. I am considering repainting it next month while I am in the Caribbean for two weeks. Up until recently, 20 bucks got you a full tank of gas and over 300 miles highway…



This guy has nice cars

See his Tesla’s

Here’s a picture of my “My Tesla” page.


Here’s some more pics of my Roadster:

Here some pics of my more recent cars:

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Wow, very cool…

But as always, someone is always better. My god, this collection could probably take on Jay Leno…


I recently read about a google vp and their 30+m dollar collection


Over paid VP flaunting money, making other jealous, polically unwise.




B Treynor used to be on the MKIV forums. So sad no mention of his MKIV.


I like this types cars.