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Yes, but this is even cooler…



They are in michigan… Maaaybe, one day.
I am planning to get some friends help me on a “boys date in garage” event. It would make a cool bonding event with friends, for sure. Beers, cars, and finish the day with some firepit marshmallow or bbq.


Uh, Dragonboy, your CRX is impacting our home values negatively…


Holy Bat Cave! Or the badass man cave!


Unbelievable…so this car is not actually being sold in Cupertino but from an IL outfit I guess trying to snag some high tech disposable income…




How about going about it this way, @tomato??? Pay the monthly membership cost and leave it to them to maintain and own the cars…


Bought this for future unforeseen tire events. :slight_smile:


Yes, I have one at home so you can do the tires at your leisure. I actually need one of these portable battery starters or chargers. My car sits so long outside that I don’t get the chance often to recharge the battery fully when I only drive 6-7 blocks everyday…


CRX Si sells for $7,400…


Seattle? Do you know any dummy driver from there? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Sounds like a good flip. Buy from a old lady and flip it.



So I took my closest buddies out to dinner to celebrate Oakland property being sold and my one good friend’s neighbor is the one who bought the 912 from my old co-worker when I balked. Here are the pics. God, this hurts more than any lost RE deal (to me). My co-worker offered it to me for $7K back then but I had no extra garage space. I am told it would fetch easily $30K now as-is if not more. Dang it!!!


Oh…now I know where I’ve seen that car…:hugs:


Don’t look for me…


This is beautiful, and frankly, i liked the color.


It is available if you want it…God I was stupid


Not right now - no garage space :slight_smile: But i occasionally crawl craigslist to find out what’s around:

https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/ctd/d/1957-porsche-356-speedster/6519319155.html (replica)
https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/ctd/d/1961-ferrari-250gto-spyder/6524181739.html (replica)

https://classiccars.com/listings/view/1075282/1970-chevrolet-corvette-for-sale-in-cincinnati-ohio-45242 (not replica).

Part of me is a very practical person, though, so i keep switching between a classic-er car (most definitely corvette or shelby cobra), and a pick up truck



I have one of the most sophisticated computer programs. I was able to take the reflection from that car and get your picture.

Then, I woke up :smile:


And i found it: