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Wow, me too. I wouldn’t mind driving a Prerunner or Tacoma TRD. Fortunately for me, my wife is not picky about what I drive (she went out with me in the CRX) and part of me remembers the horror stories and bills with the big convertible Benz to not want to go there again.


My wife wants a fun car (and if i were to gift her one, it’d probably be a ~20k$ mercedes slk 350 - it’s gorgeous. I prefer ~pre-2010, but for her probably look for 2013+, not sure about the bills). I want either a classical-ish beauty or a practical pick up. When we go to grocery shopping, even with 2 peope, it’s a mess in the car. Now add kid and a stroller etc to the mix in near future, and pick up truck will be my best friend :slight_smile:


2012 Slk 350 :slight_smile:

2007 Slk 350:


Nooo way, “mine” is 1966??? The badging on the rear hatch to my understanding is sort of rare…


Lovely car, lovely color! Thanks for sharing.

But you know, with your newfound liquidty, you should get a Singer Porsche - starts at 350K but most go for at least half a millski…



Uh, guys, no liquidity going on here… exchange remember??? Believe me, if I could somehow walk away with the cash I would be looking at a clean NSX for sure.


Come on!

Sell one of the 50 properties you own :rofl:


Ooo even rarer! Nice! did not pay attention the difference, but it was darn close with the color and all.


That’s the problem, I just did and my pocket is just the same…


Ask your big bro to gift you one! :slight_smile:


C’mon! If you are gonna drive a Toyota truck, do it with style -a restomod FJ. This one is only 166K. “Only” :wink:



You must be married then…:rofl:


My buddy who is his neighbor said potentially $40K for the right buyer… OMG!!!



See, not as good. Salvage title (mine wasn’t) and mine is older for sure…


Keep calling it “yours” - maybe it will happen!


There are many around. Some very cheap. $16K


Good luck to you!

Good night guys!

Rest in peace!

I mean, have a good night sleep…:rofl:


C’mon tomato - you want a true classic Mercedes 2-seater made of steel, not a modern plastic one.
These pagodas have been appreciating like crazy. This one just sold for 64.5 K. :slight_smile:


I did see the owner and hinted I wouldn’t mind buying it from him. He said he plans to fix it all up and then probably sell it for more but I guess if someone made him an offer that he couldn’t refuse he would let it go. He is a mechanic who opened up his own shop and he is doing quite well I hear. Works on foreign makes like Benzs and Audis. Can’t be too bad if you have 5 mechanics working for you…