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I cannot reasonably buy an old one for wife! she has other priorities!
But it’s not like i didn’t look into two-seaters from 60s before. Then i got a huge disappointment
Read about 190sl.


Then i found soft tops for these… I hate them :confused:


Those are way nicer (than the 912). What was wrong with them?

Oh, soft tops only? That is ok no?


Sorry, huge disappointment with price tags :). Otherwise, they are nice (except for the softtops)


Looks like they had optional hard tops, too!


Well, harder to find now. Same guy had one that was not as nice, rusting, not running and he sold it a few years ago for about 20K I heard. It had to be towed away. That was when I knew I screwed up…


:-). The 50s 190SL is too archaic and doesn’t drive well at all despite the 100K plus price tag. Thats the beauty of the 60s MB Pagodas - they are sill pleasant to drive (straight six engine) and you can still get them for mid to high 5 digits.

If i clear my garage of the wagon that lives in there, I will buy a Pagoda for trips to Napa w the wife :slight_smile:


Did you drive a 190sl? I expect a rough ride out of a vintage car, so my expectations are not that high for most of them :slight_smile:


Yes. Great build quality, but lousy braking and I felt it needed more oomph to keep up with modern traffic.


Veeery cool…perfect for the coming Mad Max days (oh, no gas…)

I would totally go for one of the Jeep Wranglers but I am soooo leery about the maintenance and reliability of Jeeps…



get a mercedes g-class :stuck_out_tongue:


Or a vintage split rear window vette…



The modern G-glass imho is for vulgar ballers. As you can surmise, Im a big fan of the vintage stuff with style. I try to buy stuff that is rising on the appreciation curve and hold for a long time - that way I can enjoy my cars on Sunday drives and make out ahead in the end if I ever want to sell.


what’s the model on it?


I was joking on g-class, not my thing either.


What do you use for appreciation / price history?


Click on valuation - https://www.hagerty.com
For MB 2 seaters, the 90s / early aughts R129 500SL / 600SL are just starting their appreciation cycle now —- they have already bounced off the bottom of the depreciation curve. And, they are among the last of the Bruno Sacco designs. I know a lady with two of them, identical in color, but she keeps one with the hardtop on and the other w the softop down!


Not sure about the pic but apparently 1963 is the one to get…



Any takers for hotrods?


For the most part, probably not, since a muscle car or sports car is already an excess that we really don’t need (speaking for myself). It is just that for me, I have always liked say the NSX that I wouldn’t mind having one to drive around on the weekends. I am sure most of these cars bought tend to end up severe garage queens, but you know, as long as the owner can afford it and enjoys having them in their garages whom am I to say they shouldn’t get them right? Everyone has a vice…


Collecting cars is fun. Storage is the issue. The more you have the less you drive. My buddy who founded Commodore computer company at 25 and as been retired for 30 years has over 30 cars rarely drives any of them. Most are in a barn in Aptos. Probably rarely sees them.