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If he wants to donate i can be a caring owner.


Car collectors are actually car hoarders, sick in the head. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Which brings me to tell you that I collected stamps for 20+ years and got tired of them. A guy is coming to pick up my half a million stamps and bunches of albums full of them. I spent $20K+ and I will sell them for $6K. :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


He should lease them out like paintings are shown at temporary exhibitions to be garage queens only.


There are clubs like that based on what sfdragonboy showed once. May not be a bad idea but my offer still stands :slight_smile:


Menlo has a club where guys can go dunk wine smoke cigars and ogle each other’s cars. A commercial man cave


Not selling via eBay???


I’ll one up you, I’ll just go there ever so often and drive the cars so that the engine fluids don’t gunk up and the batteries stay relatively charged.


In case you didn’t know.


This is kinda James Bondish cool, bid up to $12k on BAT…


Geez, 1978 Toyota Land Cruiser is now bid up to 84K…(yes, low miles)


Matches your color @tomato


@tomato, this auction for a 818 should shed some light if it is worth doing or not. Right now, pricing says no…


Thanks for the suggestion but…I couldn’t. I would have needed to take like 20,000 pixs. And shipping? Jesus! 800 pounds at least! :rofl:

The guy made a mistake. While I was using my fraudulent skills, say some people here :sweat_smile:, I tried to sell my collection higher so he could bargain it down. But he was cheaper than what I thought, so, I grabbed a lot of stamps, some overprints from a certain country, and to my surprise, they were worth $5K.

I am talking about 1/5th of the overprints!

The guy almost pooped in his pants when the price went up by the same amount. Before I could say anything, he offered me $15K. :rofl:

I forcibly obliged to such outrageous offer. :wink::wink::wink:

My credit card balance was paid off next day. :innocent:

I am debt free now. And that is that. 20 years of collecting gone in a few hours of deliberation. :cold_sweat::cold_sweat:


Not necessarily…when my Palo Alto buddy wanted me to help him clear out some duplicates of some vintage Spiderman comics he owned, we only took a few snap shots and then let the real buyers contact us offline of course about the whole lot :wink: This was when it was easier to skirt eBay rules. I helped him get rid of a few thousand bucks in books just like that. He still has a complete run of Spiderman which I told him to hold onto. There’s money laying around in Palo Alto…



I really like to see those comics. I’ve seen thousands of them in the flea market for $0.25 each and nobody buys them. Of course, they must be low value items. Besides that, you need to know what you are selling or buying. Golden opportunities lurk in there. I know so, I’ve seen and heard some good deals.

Back home, my dad’s compadre, or should I say Godfather to my younger sister invited us to visit him about 3 hours drive from home. It was 1970 or so. He had about, my estimate, 3K comics from Donald to you name whatever comic there was running at that time. All in Spanish, and he had them all in plastic bags. :scream:

Nobody remembers where he lives by now or if he is dead.

I know about taking a few pictures could be enough, but nowadays, you send an album with 10,000 stamps with no pictures, they will take the original mint ones and return the album with cancelled ones. You are economically screwed by dishonest people out there.

Years ago I sold a bunch of Vietnamese cassettes one by one in an auction mode. Yes, cassettes! I didn’t know the tricks of the trade then. This buyer bought 40 of them, about $800 worth. I was happy enjoying my money but then he returned the most expensive ones.

Needless to say that I was distraught returning $300. It hurt! I kept those cassettes on the side for better times, I thought. A Vietnamese guy visited me one day, he knew I had them. He pointed at me that that buyer had tampered the cassette and showed me how the screws were kind of showing signs of scratches.

He said sometimes the tape gets chewed up so they buy a cassette and return it as if we the sellers on Ebay sent a bad one. :disappointed_relieved:

Now I take pictures of anything, sideways, up and down when I have time to sell anything. :pensive:


I love eBay. If I could come up with a eBay store idea that was unique and profitable I would do it in a heartbeat. Selling is a nice diversion for me when I have the time for it.


I love the thrill of seeing a $1 turn into $200

Or, $200 turn into a pile of chit. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Ok, what is the best profit margin (% or $) you ever made on one item sold on eBay? For me, it is probably buying a cd from a used record store for 25 cents and I ended up selling it for over 100 bucks. Sold to someone overseas. Heck, we all could use lunch money…


A CD too. $1 cost, auction went to $200

Last December I sold a lot of CDs. I paid $150 for 30 of them, I sold them for $3,500…cash. Same guy who told me about the tampering came and got them. I don’t need Ebay anymore for that type of things. I got so many boxes in my garage and my other toolshed bringing me so many surprises. I bought all of that prior to my daughter being born, that was 10 years ago! :sweat_smile:

The biggest mistake? 2 of them.

#1- In 1999, I had bought a lot of Chinese stamps from an auctioneer here in Mountain View-Sunnyvale area. It had all the Mao and whatnot revolution mint sets, except for a lady I forgot her name and the monkey, and another single stamp that at that time was worth $100K. A small flag I think. I had all the souvenir sheets. 5 albums in the lot. One album had 16 pages, full on both sides. 7 stamps in a row x 7 by 9 columns, each stamp worth $15 each. I paid $190 for it. Sold it for $3,500 in 2001-2002.

#2- I had one of those old, with gold on the hands and some other areas type of watches. I think it was a German one. That was like you said when we could communicate with buyers. I put it up for auction at $600. Nobody wanted to bid, so on the third day I pulled it out and sold it to this guy in Fremont bugging me to sell it for $400. I don’t recall how much I paid for it, I had it in my hands, abandoned that is, since 1993. This was recently, 2013-4- CIRCA.

#1…I sold it because I was broke, somehow my romantic relationship (I was cheated on) took a tool on me and I was down. The Chinese guy who kept calling me…well, called me on time and got the lot. A year later, the market picked up big time. I checked Ebay, and I really was ready to commit suidice when I realized the big mistake, I calculated the lot to be worth between $300K or more. I still can’t believe I never sold it on Ebay. :rofl:

#2- The watch was listed on Ebay with a lot of information of its history and whatnot. Sold for about $4K :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Oh boy!

I wasn’t born to be rich I guess. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Not that I copied him, but I wanted to see if “sfdragonboy” was taken on eBay or not and sure enough it was gone. So, that person is not me. I was thinking about contacting him and offering him some money for the name. I am assuming eBay would not allow that sort of thing…

Wow, ok you are big time. A year or two ago, I befriended an old man who lives in Broadway Terrace (Oakland hills). Rich old man. He needed help selling a lot of his antiques so he reached out to me. I gave him pointers and he enjoyed listing some stuff himself. Some of the things he had in his house were absolutely incredible, one of a kind stuff. He had china I believe from the 1800s or older.