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I don’t think you can grab any name there paying for the right to have it. The name comes with so many complications.

Ebay is mean in that aspect. Once you are banned, dang! If you used a computer in your mom’s house, or any other family or friend’s, they all are banned. It’s a domino’s effect.

1800’s China? Oh man!

I’ve seen those things in the hands of CEO’s when I visited some of them years ago. One had a vase or something like that, a flower pot? He was really happy to own a piece of history from his country of origin. No way he allowed me to touch it. But I could sit inside his Lambo he said, and I did. :laughing:

Many things to tell. I was a painter then, working for a friend of mine. We were painting the house of this CEO in Los Altos Hills, forgot the company, long time ago. The guy had, among others, an antique painting or something I call weird. This framed painting with some sort of little empty coconuts hanging from it. I think it was a piece of art, who knows. Well, my friend goes and puts his finger on one coconut, and the thing falls to the ground! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

We then found the miracle of using crazy glue. I don’t know if the owner found out about the mishap. :rofl:


This could be an episode of Seinfeld…!


No kidding!

I have enjoyed my life as a poor peasant. Believe me, working with your hands bring you events so hard to erase from your memory. I’ve met in person, very briefly, singers like and actors, that was back in CT. I just can tell you they were drunkards. Really!

I was painting this home in Atherton. The address is 83. I can’t mention the street. It has so many work arts is amazing. So, not knowing about art that much back in 2001, I was so happy painting this wall, about 20 feet tall with a long painting stick. As I was waving it up and down, I wasn’t paying attention that much. When It was going up or down on the wall, the stick, a very long one would go up and down behind me. Ok, right?

Well, I heard this scream, very loud from my boss. I stop on my tracks, and I see him almost dying of being so stressed. He tells me to stop and watch what I was doing. Behind me, there was this cluster of inverted champagne glasses hanging from the ceiling, held by a bunch of steel wires. The stick was so close to knock them down my boss almost had a heart attack.

That thing was a work of art from Dale Chihuly. $300K thingy. :rofl:

The painter I am talking about, friend of mine, was a little bit crazy. He loved cars big time! Had a convertible, I can’t remember the brand. And a Harley.

But he was on his way to become alcoholic, which happened 11 years ago. He was earning lots of $ painting homes but eventually he lost his customer because of his erratic behavior. He was paying me $25/hr. Cash!

Last time I met him, I drove him to take some classes to recover his driver’s license, precisely by the vicinity of Apple’s big dome in Sunnyvale. he was renting a room in RWC, and riding a bicycle. He lost his driver’s license. Forever. Too many DUIs.

Painting is the way I met Barry Bonds, he walked by me, like if I didn’t exist. Can stand the s…o…you know the rest. Too cocky for my taste.


Well, even if he would agree (I wouldn’t if I were in his shoes) I would think he would just change his name to something else and presumably I would then be able to change to his old name after a short spell. I don’t see why I couldn’t ask eBay about it if the owner didn’t mind.


Yeah, try!
You never know!



Well done video from Taiwan - if you dont feel the enthusiasm of these two guys in the 1st 30 seconds, you are not a car guy :slight_smile:


Ring, ring…
Mother sfdragonboy: Hello?
sfdragonboy: Hi Mom. It’s sfdragonboy. How are you?
Mother sfdragonboy: I wish I could eat all those wonderful, bad salty foods I am not supposed to, but I am good. How are you?
sfdragonboy: I am good. I just wanted to ask you something.
Mother sfdragonboy: What is it, dear?
sfdragonboy: When I was oh 6 and I came to you and said I didn’t want to attend Chinese school anymore (esp after a day of English school) why didn’t you slap me silly?
Mother sfdragonboy: Well, I wanted to…but it is your life and your choice.
sfdragonboy: Mom, next time, slap away…I won’t file charges.


Beautiful cars. While I couldn’t tell squat what these owners said (wifey turned in already while I was finishing up sending out our tax returns), I am assuming they were expressing the intense pleasure and joy they received from these cars. Yet, the only thing more beautiful than these cars honestly was the music track used. That is arguably one of the most beautiful songs I have come across. I don’t know the band, but I do now. Thank you.


Glad you enjoyed it. :slight_smile: I think in retrospect we all have issues that we look back on and wished our parents slapped us silly for them. :slight_smile:



Now that the taxes are done and I have not closed the home yet, I have a moment to have some fun…

Since you are a disciple of the CRX, I am assuming you have seen either one of these Youtube videos:


Or this slightly hair raising one (don’t try this at home, kids, or swear like this driver although I do understand his disdain…)

Seriously, let me know if you know of a really good auto painter who can reshoot my baby. Daddy has not taken care of his baby and he should receive 200 lashes. The painter I know is good, but is a tad expensive, so I want to check around. Thanks if you can provide a reference. Cash, of course…:wink:



I used them a few times via insurance claims and their work was OK.


@sfdragonboy there you go: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Z8t3Gc9kpg8lODPc2 some googler shared it.


Thanks. Actually, I drove right by it after my workout yesterday in the Financial District at my gym. I have seen this car exhibit in the past when I was living down in that area. Very cool.


Hmm, sold for $18,888…




@tomato, for you…



How about this one, @tomato


My buddy bought one in 1974 for $1600.
Was in a lot better shape


some googler’s friend is selling.
edit: i said googler, but it was for a friend of theirs.