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I’m planning the October birthday trip for my foodie child. This year we are traveling to Lummi island off the coast of Bellingham Washington to stay and eat a tasting menu. Chef Blaine Wetzel Worked three years at Noma, in Copenhagen under Chef Rene Redzepi. Noma is usually number 1 in the world or in the top 3. It will be an exciting dinner. Then we travel to Seattle where I will be checking out the local real estate market and spending a full day at pikes market. I wonder how many cherries or fish I can fit in my suitcase?


Wow, impressive. I take it Noma does not sell t-shirts in the front of the restaurant???



Thank you!!! Defense rests, again…


Fishing for Your Food at New York’s Wild New Seafood Restaurant

The Manhattan dining room of Zauo has tanks stocked with trout and salmon—and “No Synchronized Swimming” signs.



It’s a Great Time to Be a Chicken Nugget Lover


Only Dino-nuggets for me!


Well, how come my freaking Chicken Basil take-out the other day cost me like $13!!! I need to send this over to that Thai place…


OMG, everyone cheats now, at everything…



Here ya go, ya foodies!!! No, no chicken wings here…



I’ll have the green salad, thank you, for the next month or so…





Man, who doesn’t love a great burrito???


OMG, there goes Justin’s street cred…



I hate kiosks and online ordering. Besides Panera is overpriced. I would much rather go to a real local deli