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Shu Qi ain’t gonna be looking like Shu Qi once slave driving, money hungry, San Tung chasing hubby gets through with her. She will beg to go back to regular work…


@sfdragonboy is Stephen Fung:


I don’t think I can even dream that…


A fully robotic kitchen

IMHO, should’ve been voice activated. Didn’t say how they get supplies, guess you have to buy yourselves or free delivery by AMZN?


will take a good while before this is real :slight_smile:


AMZN has thrown out 70 IoTs at very cheap price on the market today. Beware of the huge data collection about you. Sorry not going to sell myself.


Why resist the future?







Haidilao now owns more than 360 restaurants in over 100 Chinese cities and has expanded to the U.S., Singapore, Japan and Korea.

Canada is next. Where else has well to do Asians that love hotpot? Taiwan is out :slight_smile: for a reason.


Problem is, there are sooo many hot pot places already here, especially in the Fab 7x7. And, it is a chain restaurant. What happened to that highly regarded dim sum Din Tai Fung place? Simmered down to Fearless Leader’s version of an A grade (3.5 stars)…


Really? Sounds like DTF finally got good. Maybe time to go eat there.


Let’s remind ourselves again that is a chain restaurant. We live and eat in arguably one of the best foodie areas around to not have to resort to chain food. Support your small, independent businesses people!!!


It was alright, not worth the wait or traveling down to SJ for it IMO.


Which sounds about right for 3.5 stars… Yelp is correct, again!!!


Let me get this straight:

a) Our review is consistent with Yelp’s = Yelp rocks
b) We trash a restaurant that Yelp raves about = Yelp still rocks



Yelp is like Craigslist. We are better for it, not worse for it, despite the occasional hiccup.


What? Haven’t eat in DTF or HDL? Both are pretty good. HDL hotpot is surprisingly good compared to all other hotpots that I have eaten.


I’ve never been to DTF, HDL or Tim Ho Wan. By the way will Tim Ho Wan open in Bay Area?