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Not the biggest lobster lover, but would hate to see it gone. Just don’t touch or impact my dungeness crabs, global warming!!!


Come on, Oprah, the chicken wings are good too!!!




Heading to HK tomorrow. Need my HK foodie experts to chime in for recommendations. Needs to be toddler friendly :smiley:


Even fast food joints like Café de Coral and MX beat the best HK style cafe (if there is one) here…can’t go wrong.


If the place has many locals eating there, then I will go.


I’ll be staying around Central. Need specific recs guyssss!! @hanera @manch @wuqijun @sfdragonboy


Not from HK.


I know you’re not, but I figured you would tag those that are :rofl:






Ok, so my co-worker is also going there this Friday. My understanding is that this is a popular time to go due to good weather and semi decent fare pricing? And, also works with kids’ school schedule for Thanksgiving…


I’m going in 2 weeks and need recommendations too!


Central is mostly business buildings and I seldom ate there because it’s so freaking expensive. Yung Kee is famous for its roast ducks:


There’s one Vietnamese restaurant that’s started by a famous food critic. I will look it up for you. But like @harriet said even ordinary fast food chains have much better food than Bay Area.


Kau Kee is very famous for beef briskets. So famous Japanese tourists seek it out. It’s also famous for bad service. Yeah, HK people only care about food. Unlike the touchy feely Americans who will die if waiters don’t fetch them water in 20 seconds.


One more: Chualam’s Pho

He’s a famous food critic originally from Singapore I think. Claims to have some secret pho recipe from some Vietnamese in Australia. :smile:


How long is your stay? Unless you are only staying for a day or two I don’t see why you can’t venture out to other areas. Central is known for ripping off white collars working in the area, tourists, and foreigners. I don’t have any recommendation in Central itself since I never hung out there but I think you should at the very least try other restaurants on Hong Kong Island, some recommendations:

I used to eat at the predecessor of this place as a little child; it was known for authentic Shanghainese cuisine. Not sure if it’s still legit but the place below is supposed to be the continuation of the old. Give it a try and let me know (you can be my guinea pig lol). Wan Chai is two subway stations away from Central.

The other place I used to dine at is 阿鴻小吃 in North Point. I just looked it up and apparently they closed that location. They still have a location in Kwun Tong and the airport. Maybe you can try the airport one since Kwun Tong might be too far for you.

A famous traditional Chinese restaurant is in Central (I never tried this but I heard good things about it). Their famous dish is the sticky rice chicken.

Edit: Got the restaurants mixed up (told you I’ve never been). Anyway this is a famous dim sum place and the sticky rice dish one is the one above (also famous).


I don’t think Kau Kee is toddler friendly. It’s so cramped there.


Kau Kee is not even human friendly let alone toddlers. :smile:

Speaking of shanghaiese how about the chain 上海姥姥?