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One thing about eating in HK: bring your own napkins.


No no, sorry if it wasn’t clear. I’m not looking for recommendations just in Central. I plan to go all around. I was just telling you where I’m staying so you know I’m not out in the boonies somewhere.


上海姥姥 is like the PF Chang version of Shanghainese food. It’s the same as the other chain 翡翠拉麵小籠包. Both are not bad but don’t expect to be blown away.


Yes…should do the same in Singapore, where they charge like $2 for napkins :sweat:


Almost forgot…@aalj said this place is good, so you should check it out (flower market is next door):

FYI in case you haven’t noticed, you can change the language on the top left hand corner of the OpenRice web site from Chinese to English.


No worries, I can read Chinese as well :slight_smile:


Aww…you make your parents proud :smile:
Okay then that advice is for :robot: in case he’s interested to pay a visit :joy_cat:


Don’t you make your parents proud too :wink:
Are you not an ABC?


This lonely planet guide is not bad. You will gain 20 pounds if you finish all the top choice ones.


No, I’m a proud mango.

This guide recommends Tim Ho Wan. THW is good in Singapore and Sydney, but don’t go to the one in HK. It sucked.


I agree. Tim ho wan was very average.


I’ll be honest, I have no idea what acronym Mango stands for. I UD it and got some results like exotic male stripper…don’t think that’s correct :sweat_smile:


Looking at Openrice is really depressing… everything looks yummy there. :cry:


No, it means you are yellow inside and out :joy_cat:


They have good goose liver dishes.


Wow, our very own Pacifica just might have the greatest Taco Bell in the world!!! Definitely need to check out…


I’m in Osaka. Food recommendations?


Err, Italian???


There was a restaurant near Umeda that I forgot the name of, but their pork cutlet was nice and juicy.