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The peasants in the Middle Ages ate better than us today… :cry:


The dukes didn’t eat quite as well as the peasants.


Did you get your mani/pedi there @hanera @wuqijun @manch @harriet :rofl::joy:


I can never understand that business model… it takes 3 mins for me to do that myself and for free… :smile:


“But the thing I’ve learned about China is, Chinese people love over-the-top service as long as they don’t have to pay for it.”


How about a 15 min head and neck message? That sounds more attractive than a manicure.


Manicures next to my hotpot just sounds gross. Massages while eating, now that I can get on board with LOL.


Elsewhere you get massage while peeing.


Are you being salty wet again?


I never get mani/pedis outside. What if their tools are contaminated and you end up with fungus nails? :face_vomiting: