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Wow can this really be? The article states that the biggest challenge wrt faux-shrimp was the texture. But even with real shrimp, the texture is so difficult to get right when cooking shelled shrimp.

Most of the time in western cuisine, the texture is already not done well.

That’s why in some Chinese cuisines, the secret to making shrimp with the right nearly-crunchy texture is to use ph9 alkaline water.

I wonder how good the texture for this faux-shrimp actually is, let alone the taste. The flavor of fresh shrimp (and when I say fresh, I mean it was swimming until a few seconds ago) is incomparable.


Wow, should we rename you the Guru Of Chinese Cooking??? Who knows this stuff??? :grin:


hahaha, I’m just an amateur. Much like @Elt1, I find cooking to be a activity that brings much satisfaction, as well as being very cathartic. My whole day revolves around what I’m going to eat for dinner.


You must have a sweeet kitchen with every do-dad… extra wide, dual fuel commercial stove?


Alas, I’m a committed modernist. Induction cooktop (fast response, easy cleanup) — but I have a single gas wok burner for when I am using non-ferrous cookware. That said, I will say that I find induction is much faster than gas.

That said, I have not been able to duplicate “Wok Hei” (the taste of the wok) at home — and I think its because residential gas burners are just too wimpy …20-23K BTUs max, whereas the commercial stuff is like 150K BTUs.

That’s just too much in a residential setting without going full-commercial venting systems and sprinklers ---- which is not the modern jony ive look. :slight_smile:


Wow, induction eh??? I am torn as to how to design my kitchen in the San Bruno home when we move in down the road. My sister-in-law is a big cook and she swears by gas and cooking on her extra wide commercial stove. I would consider these new combo induction with gas commercial ranges/cooktops to have the best of both worlds.


Turkey patties. From Costco. :blush:

I cooked them since my last posting.
Ground turkey
Red Pepper. Not spicy.
Ground bred crumbs.


Thaw the turkey until is soft.
Blend the cilantro, onion and red pepper together.
Mix them with ground turkey.
Blend bread crumbs separately. Then add them to the turkey.

Add salt to your taste.

I prefer them a little bit over cooked as shown in picture #1


Which Costco do you go to? Man, I shouldn’t give this secret out (maybe, everyone knows already?) or it might be even more crowded but the SSF location is the best!!! The only problem is that that location does not carry my favorite hot and spicy beef jerky (when the other location did). Still, I will never go to the one in South of Market in the Fab 7x7 again despite the jerky. Sooooo easier to park, to checkout and yes gas is there if you don’t mind waiting.


I got 2 locations around me.

The problem is to find parking. It is packed like if they were given free tickets to the 49ers :laughing:


Which SSF Costco are you talking about? The El Camino Real ine or the Airport Blvd one? I find the one on El Camino Real to be harder to park than the one on 10th st actually.


Yes, Airport Blvd one…love it. I think I went on a Saturday afternoon even and the checkout was a breeze with hardly a line.


Sssshhhhhhh! That’s our secret!!! :slight_smile:


No problem guys, I ate my delicious turkey whatever. And I am not going up there, not even if you paid me. I hate that parking fight. :wink:

Now, believe me, not kidding you. We go to SF for Pollo Campero. And, two out of 5 times we parked on the same parking space blocks away. :smiley:


Nobody goes to the Costo in Carson City only 50k people within driving distance…Same with Home Depot…always empty


I am moving there then! :blush:


And you can buy a decent house for $300k…Lake Tahoe is 30 min away


El Camino SSF Costco has more Asian stuff than the Airport Blvd one.


I have induction and love it. I only miss gas when I want to warm tortillas or use non induction cookware. My daughter, the chef likes to cook in my kitchen over her gas kitchen.

An aside is that I have a baking steel (http://www.bakingsteel.com) that I use in the oven and cooktop. It lives in the oven and keeps the temperature even. I make pizzas on it and similar. On the cooktop I make grilled cheese, quesadillas and even pancakes.


I agree with everything nanomug says. I have a 4 burner induction cooktop next to a single gas cooktop burner. I always go for the induction first — I never ever go for the gas burner unless I’m using clay or aluminum cookware (as it is non-ferrous and not compatible). The induction burner is faster than gas and gets ripping hot.