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I also have induction and really like it. It has a timer function too which I depend on. As someone who is not so fond of spending extra time in the kitchen, I find it so practical. Practically no clean up, either. Sometimes I miss the clay pot, but I can live without. :slight_smile:


Thanks @nanomug and @alj!!! From what I can find on the internet on the subject of gas vs induction it would appear that yes more people are moving towards induction now. A cooktop on an island would look pretty clean I suppose.




I ate at Alinea last November. My chef daughter and I went and had a fabulous time. The food was tasty and the service was impeccable. They called us to make sure they could accommodate our accessibility and food needs.

We also ate at the sister restaurant The Aviary. We ate in the kitchen and couldn’t see the other diners. It was very fun in addition to being tasty. They had cocktails for each course. We got the alcoholic and non alcoholic versions and split them per course. They were potent.

I’m planning to go to Iceland next year to see the northern lights and to Europe ending in Copenhagen to eat at Noma. The trip will be planned around getting a reservation at Noma. The ants intrigue me.


When are you planning to go to Northern Europe? I am planning to go there next year too :slight_smile:


What is there in iceland? I took WOW airlines, stop at iceland, to Europe last year. If you plan to use WOW, make sure you reserve seat (extra price) at the front so that you avoid turbulence effect that may help you sleep well during the flight…


I want to see the northern lights from Iceland. Likely February/March. It’s the best time to see the lights. Thanks for the info on WOW.



It appears that there will be two trips as my daughter will be accompanying me to Copenhagen, Lyon and several places in Spain. This adds several extra stops. That will be about 3 weeks. I can only be gone 4 weeks maximum at a time as I am on pain management and have to report every 4 weeks for a drug test and get my prescriptions. Getting old is not for the feint of heart.


Thanks Jil for the information


Wow, food lovers’ hero takes what others might consider an ideal life. RIP


Loved his shows… very tragic.


Arguably the best job anyone could have right? You are beloved by the masses and surely you never have to pay for a meal anywhere in the world, yet, demons of some sort drive you to end it all. Why?

This, is why I downsized and sold the Oakland place and decided to mix it up a little by planning to move out of my beloved Fab 7x7 for a spell. The other day, I saw my wife’s friend’s beautiful NSX parked outside on his driveway and I had to stop and wait for him to come out to chat. Fortunately, he did come out after all to tell me about the things he just did to it. Awesome. I want one…


Tony was a great story teller. But profoundly unhappy. Wicked sense of humor. But how could a chef and food lover be so skinny?. Zimmerman on the other hand will never kill himself. Too busy stuffing food in his mouth.

Personally I think he was murdered by a vegan


Never heard of him…


Well, you may not have heard of him, but if you look around on the internet today, millions of people lost a dear friend today even if they never met him in person. For someone to have such a profound impact from afar says something about the man that is Anthony Bourdain. We lost a great one today, there is no doubt…


He was a foodie legend…Hated vegans…love him for that…

He drove vegans nuts…God bless him…


Even though I don’t know who he is, I agree with the self indulgence comment. Some animals are born to be eaten.


Ron Swanson from parks & rec has a famous saying:
“You accidentally given me the food that my food eats.”