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You really like that show don’t you? :slight_smile:


Of course. Ron swanson is the uncle i wish i had.

did you watch it?


Ron is me


After what is hopefully the clinching win for the Dubs, I will go have dinner at a place that Tony loved in the city.


Yup, that’s kind of what I am thinking.


I hate veganism


No, but maybe I should go watch it. Sounds like a great sitcom for carnivores. Does it have background laughter? I hate those.


No. It’s the ordinary lives of government employees working in parks & recreations department. I think it resembles the office in many ways.


Just saw you on youtube:


So mean. It’s time to be serious about animal rights and sustainable living!!! :rofl:


What vegans don’t get is that meat is sustainable. In fact cows and sheep feed on grass lands that can’t grow anything but grass. In effect turning inedible plants into human food. Vegans reject all of human history and demand we stop eating meat. Maybe we should eat vegans instead… lol


Not sure if vegans demand people stop eating meat. They just don’t want to eat any meat themselves.


But all the greenhouse gasses cattle emit?


Vegans forced rules on restrictions on egg production in CA that doubled the cost of eggs. Their goal is stop all meat and dairy production. They are fanatics that will cause mass starvation and the extinction of all farm animals. They are truly evil, all based on the premise that farm animals are just like humans. A truly insane concept.
And since they think farm animals are just like them, that makes them a legitimate source of protein…lol


Ok you can stop your cannibalism inference. I think I’m going to :face_vomiting:


Deleted due to formatting, sorry!


This pH info dates back to 2009 with Rasa Malaysia:


I was using irony. Even talking to vegans leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The whole animals are people movement pisses me off . First SF wanted to ban the word pets. Now everyone with a service animal thinks they can take their pit bull into Costco. Saw one in Nevada Costco with a service animal vest yesterday. Big sign at door no guns. But nothing about pit bulls. So now I have tenants with pitbulls who call them service animals. What service do they provide? Cant stop them from smoking pot either.

Sorry but if someone brings their dog to my favorite restaurant I am leaving.
Went to a carpet store the other day. The clerks dog was barking. I could not hear anything. I said I cannot do business with noise like that… the millienal punk told me to leave. I got kicked out because her dog was barking. I have had enough of this insanity.

I am getting a T shirt that says Service Animal…


Don’t mess with dogs @Elt1. I know at least two people who got bitten recently when they tried to pet them. One of them is scarred for life :fearful:


And I thought only Asians like me hate dogs… :rofl: