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Don’t know who he is, even though I worked at the Chronicle one summer.



I will be in Pasadena area this weekend. I have car and can travel. Where should I go to eat? Recommendations?


If you go by Yelp reviews, that Yang Chow in Chinatown is supposedly pretty good…




Service dogs and pets have their purpose but hanging out in a store is not one of them. I accept guide dogs, service guide dogs and other dogs that perform useful services but don’t think pets belong in a place of business. I’m surprised that insurance allows a pet in a place of business. One bite and the business is gone.

I oversaw a program of support dogs who visited retirement homes and some medical facilities. The dogs were well trained and were able to find the patient who had urgent medical needs in addition to offering comfort. I was in a long meeting that included a few dogs and their handlers. At the end of the meeting the dogs were on my feet and next to me. The handlers told me to go get checked out immediately. I decided the next day was fine. That night my husband came home and found me unresponsive and I spent a very long week in the hospital recovering from complications of pneumonia.

My daughter has an emotional support cat which stays home. The cat is part of her recovery from being misdiagnosed resulting in a dangerous loss of weight. The cat brings her comfort after grueling medical procedures. My daughter-in-law loves her dog so much she got him a service dog outfit thinking she could take the beloved dog anywhere. Unfortunately the dog was not trained and was banned for life from many places.



Ok, wifey, time to change careers…


Oh! A light bulb just went off my head. How about a startup that allows home cooks to sell their food online? @manch @hanera @tomato take note!!!


I already saw something like that but scale pretty small.


Hey! It’s not the idea but the execution that counts!!!


Probably best done by your next door neighbor:) forget the name, next door? I will definitely buy from them.


I am daydreaming about buying an insurance company and become a mini Buffett. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Man, I am already ahead of you… I got possibly two or three cuisines/menus already thought up and I need to see about trademarking or registering my name for the venture. My wife’s cooking can easily stand on its own that I am willing to bet a property on it. I want to be another San Tung baby!!!


Dude you need to test market your wife’s cooking skill on us. Set it up and we will come. :smile:


How about I’ll invite you guys to our Las Vegas outpost???:grinning::grinning::grinning:

According to wife, hawker style chicken wings:

Presentation is not too bad, Sweetie…


Do you weigh 300 pounds? :smile:


For the food or Shu Qi?


Shu qi is his wife? Wow! :exploding_head: