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Absolutely! Parents are simply not teaching lil Johnny to pick up a hammer anymore. What to do???

Price is not the main issue. Is supply, right?

Good luck securing permits for it.

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I know you all aint too hot on ADUs, but I just got wind that my application for the $40K grant has been approved. Goes toward soft expenses like permitting/soil tests/drawings and completely FREE!!!

Something like this would be sweet on my hillside backyard overlooking the valley…

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The issue are access, utilities regulations parking government bureaucrats setbacks, site work and primarily tenants rights laws. Frankly even if these ADUs were free from the factory the demand would be light. And in reality they cost the same or more than stick built

I got curious and searched for the $40k program. It has income requirements (" Homeowners with low or moderate income"). I clicked on the link to just to see what the numbers look like as I wondered how the heck sfdragonboy could qualify. Well I was pleasantly surprised that the number is $300k for SF and Santa Clara.

I still wonder how sfdragonboy could qualify though, just a little less curious now than before.

Solution to the housing shortage in not ADUs. Btw this thread is four years old. Nobody is building ADUs . And even our biggest fan is a least a year away from building one. 800sf for $150k then. $300k now?

This is a better idea

Yup, I did not include wifey’s income… GREAT PROGRAM!!!

Wrong! The above one is probably 200K? Stick build is probably way more than that…

Forty five days and under 3k to permit assembly, utilities and septic for my desert prefab here in AZ.
Yeah, I’m loving it.
Oh and the 145k model I bought in '19 now sells for 200k with a 6 month wait but it’s still cheaper than stick built and they tend to have fewer problems because they’re all cookie cutter and all the bugs have already been worked out.

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You just need to find the right contractor. My friend had a 1000sf garage built 2 years ago. Including a full bath and bedroom with full height attic. Super high 12’ ceilings. $75k stick built including slab foundation grading and 1000 sf driveway. In Cameron Park.

Yeah, I don’t understand why folks are still soooo against prefab. They have come a long way since even when I started this thread. Sounds like you are living proof that they are more than just fine.

Did that include a septic system and separate utility connection?
My place is on a perimeter foundation - necessary due to monsoon flooding. A lot easier to work under.

Ok, this company is a game changer. This 2 bedroom one is under $150K US installed??? OMG!!!

These are concept only renderings

It had existing septic. And utilities on the property

Well, these may be, but according to the Youtuber this Australian company is outgrowing its factories and is coming here within a year. I have already contacted them, so I will let you know what they say or can do.

Modular homes cost less and are used all over California. Why not in San Francisco? (sfchronicle.com)

Like I said this thread is 4 years old. Wishing things to happen is different than them actually happening. So far the tiny homes. and concept modules, prefab and other fantastic ideas are full of lies and fraud. The mobile home industry provides the only affordable homes that actually exist. Mobile home parks exist throughout the country and are only truly affordable housing that we have. The issue is zoning and nimbyies. But we do have a home grown product that has been around for almost 100 years.way cheaper than any foreign crap.