For you liberals on here.. your politics are failing you


I think tomato was simply saying “Wow, that’s an freaking huge problem!!!”


Public pension should be decided by voters, by taxpayers. There are political conflict between public employee union and taxpayers, and between taxpayers and non-taxpayers


They are already very different for new employees. I think they’ll become 100% defined contribution the way private employee retirement plans are. It’s the only way to make it financially stable and predictable as an expense.


Are you talking about federal employees? I think California local public employees still have the same pension plan with inflated salary during the last few years before retirement to milk the taxpayers


Everyone is changing it for government employees. New hires don’t get the same pension plan as existing employees. CA has made changes too.


First need to stop providing pension to new public employees. Then cancel the union membership for retired public employees. Afterwards, reduce the pension payout for retired public employees. If they protest, let the taxpayers to pass law to take the pension away and provide them social security instead.

Make the pensioned people a super minority and use the mass population to take away the pensions. This is the way of california. Use the majority to disadvantage the super minority.

Just like the wealth tax, we can charge a pension tax to support existing pension liability if it is not allowed to reduce pension payout. Use the milk to feed the cows. If you receive a pension, please pay 10% pension tax to make your pension sustainable.


Make pensioners pay California income tax. Currently they don’t if they move out of state.


“The President’s improving issue ratings come amid a sharp rise in positive impressions of how the country is doing. Overall, 57% say things are going well in the US today – up from 49% saying the same in February – which is the largest proportion to say so since January of 2007.”


That’s actually fairly funny. California is apparently incapable of shutting down pot stores operating without a license. Those shops aren’t paying the taxes, so they price cheaper than licensed stores. Unlicensed stores are taking sales from licensed stores which is leading to lower tax revenue. No clue why they can’t or won’t shutdown illegal shops.


China sought to ban opium in 1840. California legalized pot in 2018. Calfornia is almost 200 years behind China. Shameful. :-1:


Democratic voters are warming up to Trump. Even media has become less critical of him. It would be funny if media start loving Trump at certain point.

People have exhausted their criticism of Trump and the bottom has reached. Many people are tired of or don’t even bother about criticizing Trump. Maybe media sensed this and has toned down its reporting on trump


sooner or later, we’ll have commerical like this
instead of milk , we’ll have
“POT , it does a body good”


Step in the right direction?


There was a link to this article in that one:

I’m amazed a democrat would even speak of such a possibility. If pensions can legally be cut and politicians have the political will to do it, then the pension crisis is gone with the swipe of a pen.


He won’t run again… so he can do/say the right thing. :slight_smile:


The Simpson Bowles commission was one of the greatest things ever for congress. It’s too bad the ideas pissed off both sides so much it was a non-starter for actually doing any of it. They could be honest, since they were all retiring.


Have you been to Singapore? You may find your soulmate :slight_smile:


Yummy… :rofl:


Seems like great pension even by Bay Area standards.