Forget Mission Impossible, I'M Waiting For Crazy, Rich Asians!


I have a friend that lives close to where you are, but near Winton. Doesn’t seem too bad.



More reason for you to watch and break out a hanky…


$30M budget? You mean Mr. Golding’s salary less than SWE? :scream:


Fearless Leader and Ms Millennial #1,

Watch CRA not for me, but for what you guys love the most: FOOD!!! (Err, not money, Fearless Leader…)


Went to the Penang Garden in Chinatown last night. No good. :-1:


Yes, even Banana Island is better according to wifey…


My kids for some reason LOVE Banana Island. I have been trying to talk them out of it to no avail… :cry:


Kids like San Tung chicken wings???


That’s child abuse!! :scream:


So, you haven’t been there yet either???


We went. The chicken wings were alright but I don’t think it’s worth the long wait. The black bean noodles were no good.


What’s Ms Picky Millennial’s verdict on San tung? I forgot.


I am not a fan of the black noodles either. The only things I eat from there are:

  1. dry fried chicken wings
  2. shrimp and leek dumplings
  3. string beans
  4. hot and sour soup (my wife likes it)

If the two of us, same order everytime…


Chicken wings are mediocre. Noodles suck.

Dang I just found out I got into the Tokyo Marathon lottery (8% success rate), but I’m not gonna go, why aren’t I crazy rich :sob:

Btw happy mooncake day everybody…


Why are you not going? Isn’t Tokyo one of the top 5 or 6 marathons in the world? You are that good a runner? :scream_cat:


Moon Festival, CRA style:


is that yours?


I am not a drug dealer.


No, you are landlord…

I deal a lot in cash…