Forget Mission Impossible, I'M Waiting For Crazy, Rich Asians!


Went to San Tung’s and walked away unimpressed. The line was legit. If that’s the type of food you are into, try Tong Soon Garden in Santa Clara.


Not too clear what you did there. Did you actually eat there or the long line made you leave?

Your place looks good, but San Tung has same Yelp rating at TEN TIMES the number of posts. Imagine if someone makes 10x what you make. Would you still be unimpressed???

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I give you facts. Six thousand people have voted and essentially said that the food is good. Who are you guys to think you know better? Please, all of you, be objective and recognize greatness for once.


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I often tell my wife, I am like an iceberg, I know so much more than what it shows on the surface. :smile:


Just sharing my opinion and another option if Korean Chinese food was what you were after.

The Jjamppong is better at TSG. The broth from ST was too close to instant noodle territory. Tangsuyuk pieces were too thick. One member of the party thought the chicken wings were better at ST though.


Not trying to be difficult, but did you go to San Tung and eat there or not? It sounds like you didn’t.

To me food has no boundaries. Who cares if a food is not authentic Chinese or Korean? Aren’t all foods probably evolutionary anyway? And why would you not want food to evolve as tastes change and as we certainly become a closer, smaller world?

Like I said before, how is it that otherwise brilliant posters like yourself for some reason are not willing to be objective for once and acknowledge that a lot of people find San Tung food to be very good that they might fly in from Seattle for it or wait 2+ hours for it? Yes, you might not wait 5 sec for it but please let the masses decide. I mean to really think six thousand posters all conspired to say good things about San Tung is ridiculous and frankly insulting.

I think you would agree that I probably read or research subjects as much as anyone might. If your place or Fearless Leader’s place in San Jose were that good, why aren’t the masses driving down there for it? I would be the first one driving down there if so good. Shoot, we drive down to San Jose often for simple Boiled Crab cajon shrimp. Simple question. Sadly, the answer is even more simpler. Not enough people are raving about the food to the point that a huge following occurs. Come on, we live in the internet age. Anything remotely good is revealed in a matter of seconds to everyone. Your two places have never, ever, made any top chinese restaurant surveys that I can recall. None. San Tung, on the contrary, has been mentioned quite a bit.

Defense rests and wants some dry fried chicken wings, Your Honor…


I went there! I ate all of your preferred dishes and then some. I didn’t plan the outing, but I was looking forward to trying it because of all the hype.

I wasn’t putting down the type of food. I like all kinds of food. The link I provided talked up the cuisine.

Clearly San Tung has a large following. The line to eat there and for take out was real. Maybe it was too hyped up for me and couldn’t live up to the expectation.


I am not as adventurous when it comes to food, but when six thousand people (and counting) posts about it, one thing I certainly do not do is immediately dismiss their posts as illegitimate or that they don’t know anything. That’s all I am saying. I let the numbers speak for themselves, even if it counters my own personal opinion. Why can’t posters here do the same? No one has a right to say that they know more about what is good food than another person. The marketplace decides that, frankly, and as you know the SF food market is as competitive as you can get. From your visit there, even if you personally didn’t like it, do you think they are remotely struggling for business? No!


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