Forget Mission Impossible, I'M Waiting For Crazy, Rich Asians!


Good point. :smile:


自編自導自演, you guys are so weird :roll_eyes:


Aren’t we all? :smile:


Not weird. People come up with stories to fill up the gap if they didn’t know the truth :rofl:


I don’t understand why you promote your favorite place so that now you have to stand in line. Find your favorite secret spot and don’t tell anyone about it. That is the Russian way.


Which place? San Tung? Oh, believe me, the lines preceded me eons ago…

Now that you bring it up, keeping something secret could be a double edged sword. What happens if your secret spot shuts down because it was not getting enough business? I suppose then that secret spot was not worthy of keeping secret then. I am just simply shocked why otherwise logical people can not accept the fact that at the end of the day if the marketplace says a place is good (huge lines consistently, rave reviews, etc) then it is good, period. When you contradict reality, your credibility on anything is frankly suspect.


Mob mentality. How terrible.


Come on, do you really believe that people are stupid enough to not know what they like or not like when it comes to food? And do you actually believe that people mindlessly post on Yelp to just be with the herd? Obviously, I like to post a lot on here but I do it for fun, sharing, hoping people find the articles useful if not a nice diversion for a rough day at work, etc. The last thing on my mind when posting is to post lies or content contrary to my beliefs. Why can’t you simply accept the fact that many people find San Tung to be good? Not all, but 4/5 posters apparently. It is a possibility you know…


I recommend my gardener to several friends. My wife is pissed. He got overwhelmed. Service suffered and I had to find another gardener.


Wow, from rags to riches…



Did you do this??? You didn’t even watch the movie…


I see how it is, so that’s where I rank on your list huh :unamused:


You generally rank quite high on the list, but in this instance, you didn’t even watch the darn movie before commenting negatively on it.


No need to watch it to know what it’s about. Like I said, it’s a Meteor Garden copycat. I never asked you to get an iPhone X before dismissing it as a failure.


Ah, but this movie is nowhere near a failure… in fact, quite the opposite… spawning movie careers for many folks and put Singapore even more so on the map.


iPhone X is also nowhere near a failure.


It is in my book, when its lifespan is less than a year…


I don’t own AAPL and have a freakin’ Android, yet I am sitting here in Napa (even though I can be doing something else right now) trying to reason some stuff into your head.

Key takeaway: Look at yourself in the mirror before lecturing others.


First of all, an analyst who is highly respected said the same thing… (go look it up on your Android, assuming it works).

Secondly, I am free to express my opinion. It is a free world. You needn’t respond if you think otherwise.

Thirdly, what lecturing am I am doing? If anything, you are probably more negative on here than I have ever been and in terms of providing useful information I have done way more than you have.


You said I should not judge a book without reading it, yet you are doing the exact same thing. When people don’t agree with your opinion you start throwing tantrums, like how you identify yourself as a useful resource and I am not. I never said a word about you being useless on this forum and yet you find a way to diss me, wow that’s really high of you. I expected more from you but guess I was wrong.