Forget Mission Impossible, I'M Waiting For Crazy, Rich Asians!


Let’s focus on the important question. What are you doing in Napa on a weekday? :smile:


Company offsite so I am staying here for one night. Wine tasting is supposedly happening right now and yet I am on here getting labeled as the forum parasite by @sfdragonboy . I don’t even drink but maybe I should have a glass or two for being on the hit list.


Geez, can I go there? I love to be around drunken women, to take care of them obviously :slight_smile:


Too late for you to be Supreme Court justice.


Yoda you are such a creep :unamused:
Anyway I’m exhausted, going to bed.


Bringing this thread back on track…

After reading through several hundred posts of banal discussion and after having watching this movie twice, I have come to a conclusion:

This is a fantastic movie - but it will resonate most strongly with ABCs and other folks of similar ethnic extraction that came to the west when they were very young. It resonates most strongly with ABCs who are trapped between east and west - forever an outsider in the west because of skin color, and yet, viewed with deep disdain in the east. And, it resonates with those who grew up with this duality since the very beginning - never any guardrails in popular culture to help you navigate your formative adolescent years.

This is the first time in American cinema where the American Asian experience is not all about suffering or escaping war or titanic levels of regret and weeping.

ABCs who grew up in relative affluence (good education, not starving, no war, educated parents, etc) have never been represented on the silver screen. This is the first time. Talking about normal life - love, food, careers, heartbreak, friends, etc. Not talking about endless suffering like Joy Luck Club. Just normal life. And this is why this movie is so popular.

My suspicion is that this movie is lost upon those who came to this country later in life.


To us this is a super corny movie.


Hey, I thought you were busy on your project. Time for a movie? Twice even?


Everyone needs popcorn down time during a project :slight_smile:


Hah, I figured as much. That’s why @sfdragonboy and I like this movie. At the same time, that’s why you, and possibly others like @hanera and @harriet find the movie less compelling.

Folks like sfdb and I did not grow up with a steady diet of movies featuring Maggie Cheung or Tony Leung or Leslie Cheung or anyone from 80s/90s HK cinema showing us that normal life was normal. (Forget the fact for a second that I watched those movies on VHS anyways). Folks like us got the Goonies. Which explains why this movie resonates.


Look, any opportunity (an easy one at that) to support your fellow brother and sister, one should. Period.


Wonder why my name is quoted when I didn’t comment on the CRA movie. I watch all kinds of movies online :slight_smile: lazy to go to cinema.


Did you vote for Jane Kim?


Ohhhhhhh. Cold. :slight_smile:


He just likes to point out that you’re a FOB who can’t appreciate a movie catered to real Chinese Americans instead of a fake one like yourself…


Even colder!


Come on, ideologies have to semi match no???


Just waiting for final inspections - DBI/electrical/plumbing to happen ---- before moving on to the next phase.



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