Genomics Stocks


MRNA is doing splendidly for me even though is up 1%,
I have rolled up Jan15 $120 to Jan22 $125 and Jan29 $130 to exploit the rally.


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Run an errand and back. Wow!

Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 2.01.31 PM

Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 2.05.36 PM


Look like your algo and FA are pretty good :slight_smile:

Now regretting not pumping more money IN.

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Third time is real?


Mixed performance today.



Are you aware that Saphyr system of BNGO might obsolete MRNA?

If you sell all your AAPL and invest in BNGO, I can sell all my MRNA and invest in BNGO.

B I N G O :sweat_smile:

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But I have way AAPL than you have in MRNA?

Do not you want to beat WQJ? Buy BNGO…


Sure you know what you are talking?

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My genomics stocks got slaughtered today :sob:

Goodbye all genomics stocks, MRNA and BNTX?

After watching some videos on NNDM and BNGO, realize is of same category as LQMT. LQMT was hyped to $20+ :dizzy_face:, now is trading at 11 cents :sob: I mean as super risky as LQMT. Well Cathie bought big into NNDM. She didn’t buy BNGO (yet?).

REGN and TDOC on :fire: MRNA :-1:

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Yelled will send Bitcoin back the toilet it came from. Down 20%


I invested $100k in REGN, buy n hold (hopefully for about 10 years). I like it because of the EW picture. Refer to the chart of REGN, only show Primary and Cycle degree because is a multi-year investment. Wave V should last 2-10 years with an extended 3rd wave which I believe has just started. I am considering buying LEAPs calls to capitalize on the powerful 3rd wave, Primary degree wave 3. However, as a slow :blush: decision maker, has not decided which strike price.

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Have you seen RSI at 66? for B&H, it does not matter, but options, time bound, it matters. You may need to wait until it reaches some bottom.

For that matter CRSP is at it possible lower price, but not so much interested in CRSP.

BTW: My biotechs are over with MRNA and BNTX, no further BIO-tech.

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Didn’t do a detailed EWA but looking at the daily chart casually, two bearish issues:
a. Bearish divergence
b. Might have completed a wave 5 (or wave v) so could possibly in some kind of wave two (generic label), a down wave lasting a few months.
Decision: Avoid for now.

I spread the risk. $100k in REGN, $50k in MRNA and $50k in TDOC. BNTX and MRNA have the same risk since same class of drug.

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For CRSP, more than EWT, you need fundamental study…read the status of their gene editing technology.

REGN is 57B company while CRSP is 14B, lot of room to grow. Company is small, can grow easily if they succeed in single breakthrough !

4x is not a big difference. CRSP market cap might be a little over-inflated because of the “new toilet effect” of CRSPR gene editing technique… ditto for mRNA. Vaguely (may not have understood well) read that there are competing solution… I need to read up a lot more, a lot to read :sweat_smile: I am in a act first think later mood… buy first read later :sweat_smile:

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Nearly all biotech stocks shot up today.

Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 2.04.28 PM

I missed TWST somehow yesterday. Still need to do research on that company.
Since spy and Nasdaq are positive, every company shoots up with index

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