Google engineer's viral 10 page anti diversity screed


The radical left now considers every white person a racist. .Therefore the word has no meaning…Just like on many campuses, just being male means you are a rapist. …There is no connection between the Confederacy and Nazism…My wife is Russian…she feels none of the guilt about race that white Americans that were born here…But the reality is most Americans are desendents of immigrants that came after the civil war or from the Northern states…In other words not responsible for slavery at all…And yet somehow whites are all guilty for slavery and racism. …The left needs figure out how to move on and leave the blame game behind…As long as you blame all your problems on someone else you will never suceed in life.


People need to read up on facts & history. Googling is very easy nowadays - although they should make sure the news doesn’t come from Comrade Putin and his cronies.


Only the centrists are right. Far ends on both sides are wrong.

Historically far left was more scary and more successful. The communists controlled half of the world for many years. Far right is weak and can be defeated easily. Far left is very dangerous and scary and very powerful. The white supremacists will cry for home when police comes. But the far left is afraid of nothing and the media always praise or synpathize the far left. Generally the far left has a moral advantage and they can gain people’s sympathy easily. That’s why it is more scary


Did Stalin specifically target only the Jewish people sparing people of other faiths like Hitler did?
That’s the difference between both those mass murders.

So the intent of one(Stalin) was to suppress all religions(& in the process killed people of all religions while the intent of other was to kill people of a particular religion & to exterminate them)

After 1929 and through the 1930s, the closing of churches, mass arrests of the clergy and religiously active laity, and persecution of people for attending church reached unprecedented proportions.[3][67] The LMG employed terror tactics against believers in order to further the campaign, while employing the guise of protecting the state or prosecuting law-breakers. The clergy were attacked as foreign spies and trials of bishops were conducted with their clergy as well as lay adherents who were reported as ‘subversive terroristic gangs’ that had been unmasked.[70] Official propaganda at the time called for the banishment of the very concept of God from the Soviet Union.[71] These persecutions were meant to assist the ultimate socialist goal of eliminating religion.[71][72] From 1932 to 1937 Joseph Stalin declared the ‘five-year plans of atheism’ and the LMG was charged with completely eliminating all religious expression in the country.[71] Many of these same methods and terror tactics were also imposed against others that the regime considered to be its ideological enemies.


Blind killing is not better than targeted killing. Both are disgusting. Also blind killing kills way more people.

Hitler is way more racist than Stalin, no doubt about that. Stalin can kill anyone, any race and any religion. Hitler uses one race to kill another race.

As a multi racial and multi cultural society, USA should have a zero tolerance for white supremacy. That’s easy to do. But it’s much harder to resist far left and media is not doing its job to shame and denounce the far left


Let me know where I said it’s not.

Is there a difference between the goal of killing people vs killing an ideology? The difference is the 2nd can be done without killing people and by spreading knowledge or brainwashing and debate (& yes as I’ve already said Stalin did not do that, before somebody comes back saying that in response)


Stalin targeted Jewish people plus others. If you asked every American if Hilter or Stalin killed more people, what would they say?

“Nearly 7 in 10 (68%) of all Americans and nearly 6 in 10 (59%) of Generation Z (ages 16-20) falsely believe that more people were killed under Hitler than Stalin;”

We live in the “information age”. How are a majority of Americans misinformed on basic historical facts?

“Approximately one in four Americans (26%) and one-third of millennials (32%) believe more people were killed under George W. Bush than Joseph Stalin;”

That’s not a majority, but wow.

“A vast majority (75%) underestimate the number of people killed by Communist regimes (more than 100 million);”

Then there’s this beauty on perceptions of income taxes:

Not many people realize how many people aren’t paying income taxes. Lots of people think lower income people who already aren’t paying income taxes should pay less income taxes. Oh, and there’s the revelation that the rich might pay lower rates than in 1980, but they are paying a higher share of the income taxes collected. How many people would get that right?

So the magic questions are:

  1. How can we live in the information age and the pubic is so misinformed about basic facts?
  2. Who’s providing the public with the misinformation?
  3. What do they have to gain from it?


Facebook is trying to allocate lot of resources to figuring out a cure for “fake news” on it’s platform. Anyone who knows how to solve the problem for Facebook can get rich :slight_smile:

Of course Mr. Bigly Mouth Bigly Hands Bigly Winner already knows what is “Fake news” :smile:


Most people get their info from "real news’, and you can see how wrong they are about basic facts. It’s pretty clear the left is winning the information war based on what people think vs.reality.


I know you didn’t say this, but were you suggesting FOX news - the non fake news? :slight_smile:


Honestly, it’s probably all fake at this point. The left fake news is clearly winning though. Just look at perception vs. reality on taxes and gun violence. The left point of view is winning despite what the actual facts on both topics are.


I disagree. Any news organization which employs/ed Bill O’Reilly & Sean Hannity among many others is a joke.


So you think there are legit news organizations out there? I think they are all pushing their agenda. They keep going further to the extremes, because it sells.


Like what?

“Fake news” at this point just means news that doesn’t agree with one’s biases. Mainstream media news is not fake. They may put their emphasis on places people disagree with, but I don’t see WaPo or NYTimes intentionally publish stuff they know it’s not factual. Even the news part of Fox News is not too bad. It’s their talkshows that are wacko.


Example of radical+extremist Leftist from Berkeley


I am sure many will cry “Fake News” on this one:


I pointed out the examples above.

Do they provide source data for the graph?


I am sick of Trump’s baiting.

Trump doesn’t give a hoot about the country’s history or anything about maintaining harmony among its citizens. He does not know how to govern and has not shown signs that he is willing to learn. He has shown little respect for the truth, as shown by the misinformation he regularly spouts. All his loud-mouth accusations have served to do is to divide and confuse, derail conversations and to distract us from what is the real detractor of our working democracy->> Trump himself, and how he is using his office to further his private interests.


They said data source is from the Anti-Defamation League.


According to that site, it’s about ~100 murders total over that time period. That’s less than 10 a year.