Google engineer's viral 10 page anti diversity screed


Here are the real terrorists…the news media.

This is a dismal situation for Americans to be in. We have newsmakers whose only professional function these days seems to be whipping tens of millions of people into angry, irrational frenzies. They do not seem to care about the truth. They do not seem to care about honesty, integrity, or accuracy. We are lurching from one shrieking, insane media episode to the next. And it is wearing on all of us, and weakening the bonds of fellowship and friendship between common Americans.

As I write this, the top headline on CNN’s website is: “This is a moral crisis. And it’s self-inflicted.” That’s true. So what is the media going to do about it?


I have said many times, US media is way worse than china’s CCTV. I start noticing this couple years ago.
US heading back to mao’s era. 批鬥, it’s like mao’s red guard. very similar. except mao era they actually kill you.



I bet you are Asian, right? And I see you jumble mumble your conservative points of view even though they are born in a culture, an ideology that advocated and still advocates that diversity is not good for this country. So, you are a product, an immigrant, somebody that benefited from the so called diversity, all of that thanks to liberalism. Ain’t that funny?

You don’t believe me? What are you doing or living in a liberal state? I would suggest you to move to the Nazi country out there in the woods, then tell me how it would go for you. Do you wear the traditional attire from your country of origin that makes you a person of interests as of being called an ISIS woman or a terrorist?

Have you thought for one minute, that if diversity didn’t exist, that conservative views were in place, given the fact that Steve Bannon, that miserable human being pulling the strings of pure white race only policies were the owner of any company Asians worked, do you think he wouldn’t get away from enacting an only white people work place? There you have it, the conservative point of view.

A woman was killed recently by conservative points of view. The white supremacist terrorist, as he should be called but the coward in the white house refused to do so, didn’t like anybody protesting his points of view because he feels he is superior to anybody for being white and conservative. Do you think you would stand a chance being in front of that car if he was driving it towards the crowd you are in? If you were white, you may have a chance, but in the mind of that conservative terrorist, you are the enemy because he doesn’t believe on any other people’s ideology but his.

By the way, PC? What’s that? As Jane said, not worth my time reading negativism. For what I understood reading you guys, he demonstrated what the anti PC culture is all about, saying what others don’t want to say. Didn’t you vote for that vulgar now president saying as it is but doesn’t like to hear it towards him?

You don’t like what the Google guy said? Then you are a PC supporter.


Then, be ready. Start packing up. Hurry!
I hate any ideology that constrains, jail, deletes, attacks free expression.

By the way, you need to start criticizing whatever is going on in that white house. The press, yes, the media that keeps an eye on check and balances it’s forbidden from filming anything during press conferences, and kicks or insults the media for asking questions the dumb administration can’t or won’t answer for being valid questions.

Oh, you are using the media right now. Does manch censors anybody? Probably. But he is fair and understands the role of dissenting minds. That’s what this country is all about, respect for anybody’s freedom of speech.


Top 10 happiest countries:

  1. Norway
  2. Denmark
  3. Iceland
  4. Switzerland
  5. Finland
  6. Netherlands
  7. Canada
  8. New Zealand
  9. Australia
  10. Sweden

The countries have a small population and aren’t exactly known for their diversity. Yet, we are constantly told that a large and diverse country will make us happy.

For everyone that talks bay area weather, it appears weather has no correlation to happiness. Most of those places have horrible winters.


By the way, you need to start criticizing whatever is going on in that white house.

i have my freedom and right to criticize when i want to criticize. I do not need someone to tell me what i should criticize who Please. I will when i feel there’s a need. Thank you.

And yes, I’m going back when i’m ready. And please don’t control when i will leave, i have my freedom and rights to move whenever i feel i want to.


Another observation:

9 out of 10 countries are Germanic countries or places colonized by the British (a Germanic language speaking people).

Um… this screams ethnic/cultural superiority. Hitler rises from the ashes again…


Steve Bannon is out …Tina Fey is in…She has a great sketch about Charlettesville on SNL


I never heard people say large and diverse countries makes people happy. But Switzerland and Canada are indeed more diverse.

What makes people happy?

How about universal health care? Even with Obamacare, our coverage rate is around 91%, at a higher cost than all the countries above. And Trump admin is trying its hardest to dismantle even that.

Low incarceration rate? USA is the highest in the world.

Less gun death? USA is armed to the teeth. We have higher gun violence rate than all the above.

Diversity may not make people happy per se, but it should not make people unhappy either, except for people who don’t like to see people of other races.


Well Chinese invented the gun but Germans perfected it. Hail Hitler!

However, I heard Jews are the best businessmen, Hail Jesus!

Wait a minute, Chinese is known to be very obedient and easy to control, Hail China!

West seems to be very obsessed with diversity, I read a book that claim why Europe eventually surpass China technologically and economically is because Qin united China whereas Europe remains a multi-nation continent. The lack of diversity arising from union of different nations lead to mediocrity.

So, Hail Diversity!


R u serious?:slightly_smiling_face:


It was not the lack of diversity. It was the lack of competition. Europe had many small countries competing with each other so it generated innovation and progress. China was one country, so there was really no competition nor the desire to innovate in order to surpass another country.


The Impact of Teamwork and Steve Jobs’ Parable of Rocks

Steve Jobs illustrated the impact of teamwork using a parable of rocks. In order for better things to come up, need diversity of ideas/ opinions, of course, conflicts :grinning: working towards a common goal.

“It’s that through the team, through that group of incredibly talented people bumping up against each other, having arguments, having fights sometimes, making some noise, and working together they polish each other and they polish the ideas, and what comes out are these really beautiful stones.”


You should look at US incarceration and gun death demographics. Then look at the 10 happiest places demographics and check how many people they have from that group. Of course, we can’t even discuss this in America.

Europe is leaning how diversity works. It was so un-PC to mention the race of rapists that it went on for decades: Of course, the left media would never report on this. It goes against the open borders and globalist agenda they are pushing.


We are describing different aspects of the same elephant. This thread is about diversity, so use diversity. When we talk about international trade, then we talk about competition :grinning:


So you are saying some races are inherently more violent?


Blanket statement and stereotyping. There are violent people in all races and peaceful people in all races. There are perhaps a higher proportion of violent people in some races than others though.


Is that the conclusion you’d draw from a significantly higher incarceration rate and murder rate?


No. The justice system is not a computer program without biases. Instead it is made of people. Which race controls most of the power levers? Biases seep thru even if someone is not a overt racist, and we have many people who don’t even bother hiding their racism.