Google engineer's viral 10 page anti diversity screed


So the rate at which people of the same race kill each other is biased? We’re not talking length of sentence for it.


Why don’t you share some data then?

Your hypothesis is that some race is more violent than others.

Did you control for other factors? Poverty level? Education level? Are we looking at people who are indicted on homicide? Are people of different races indicted on the same crime and convicted at the same rate? For example, would a white person mostly indicted on manslaughter but a black on more serious homicide? That’s where criminal justice biases could come in.

There are many vectors that influence so-called “murder rate”, and yet they are all brushed aside to make a claim based entirely on race.


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I am very straight forward here.

I won’t say I laugh about those following the conservative movement when they are foreigners to this country because I believe in anybody picking their own ideology, enjoy it, or die with it, but I feel pity on them when they don’t understand that now, more than ever in present history the racism, supported and loved by conservatives not denouncing the atrocity of the Nazis acting as if it were an honor to be one, something for what 400,000 American soldiers died to defeat them… is abundant. You sir, don’t belong in that group, and I hope you never will want to be a member, they will spit on your face. Period!

Let me repeat it to you guys, if you don’t look “American”, if you don’t look as, dress as, act as, speak the language as an American, chances are, if you are lost, but found by the following guy’s group in the forest, you are not going to be found alive…ever.

"This is Peter Cvjetanovic. He is a student and is employed by the University of Nevada. See the emblem on Peter’s shirt?" This is what it means:

Identity Evropa is a white supremacist group in the United States, established in March 2016.[4][5] Part of the broader white nationalist alt-right movement,[4] the group is identified as a racist white supremacist organization by the Anti-Defamation League[6] and is designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group.[7][8] Relatively small in size, the group is seen as one of several groups contributing to a rising spike of white nationalism in the U.S. since 2015.[7][8][9] The group particularly targets college campuses,[7] by distributing white nationalist slogans on fliers, posters, and stickers.[2][5][4]

The organization’s founder, Nathan Damigo, is a self-described “identitarian”.[9] Damigo grew up in San Jose, California,[9] and was a member of the U.S. Marine Corps from 2004 to 2007.[4] In November 2007, Damigo robbed a La Mesa, California, taxicab driver at gunpoint, believing that the man was Iraqi.[4][10] Damigo was convicted of armed robbery and was incarcerated for a year in county jail and four years in state prison.[9][4] He said of the event that “it’s something that I’m certainly not proud of,” attributing his behavior to “major issues” after returning from Iraq.[9]

In prison, Damigo began to read works by far-right figures, including former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan David Duke.[9][4] He was also influenced by J. Philippe Rushton and Nicholas Wade.[4] After being released from prison in 2014,[1] For a time, Damigo led the National Youth Front,[1][4] the youth wing of the American Freedom Party.[4] The group was classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and Anti-Defamation League,[1] **with the SPLC reporting that it was founded by “racist Southern California skinheads that aims to deport immigrants and return the United States to white rule.”[**4] The National Youth Front later disbanded.[1][4] Damigo founded Identity Evropa in March 2016.[4]

Damigo has been identified as a leader in the August 2017 Unite the Right rally. A news source that has interviewed him states that “Damigo has made these rallies a key driver for recruiting new members of the group.”[22]


Oh, thank you! That’s what I do, I criticize the most incompetent administration ever! I am glad you agree with me on criticizing it. You don’t need to encourage me to do it, not at all, I do it on my own recognizance.

I would like to invite you, if you have the guts to do so, to analyze this video. Just take your time, analyze what it is going on. See how your president is defending to death those Nazis that want you, and me, out of this country.

Of course you are free to go when you please, I will help you to load your ship. All for free…


Is the problem “black people are more violent”? Or is it “black people are poorer”?

Nationwide, during 2007 and 2011, which encompasses the recession and the immediate aftermath, 43 million Americans — or slightly more than 14 percent — lived in poverty. But not every group was impacted equally. The poverty rate was 27 percent for American Indians, 26 percent for African Americans and 23 percent for Hispanics. Among whites and Asians, less than 12 percent were poor. The federal threshold for poverty is about $11,500 in annual income for an individual and about $23,000 for a family of four.

Should the rights frame this as “black on black” crimes? Or should it be “poor on poor”?

The opioid epidemic has mostly affected white people. Should we conclude that white people are inherently more prone to opioid addiction? Or should we look for economic factors behind those addictions?

The circle of patients gathered for group therapy at a doctor’s family practice in McKenzie, Tennessee, could well represent the face of the state’s opioid epidemic.

They were in a small city in a rural county, fertile ground for prescription drug addiction, though they traveled from as far as Nashville and Missouri. They were young or middle-aged and ranged from blue-collar workers to businesspeople. They said painkillers prescribed after accidents or injuries paved the way to their dependence on opioids.

They also were all white.

Of all deaths in 2015 from opioid and heroin overdoses nationwide, about 90percent of the people were white.

It’s hard to get out of one’s biases. I get that. That’s why racism and sexism appeals to many people.


Has anyone connected poverty with violence? I’m pretty sure people of all income levels know murder is wrong. Notice how the one article talks about crime rates rising as single parent families became the norm? No one is every going to politically address all the societal harm of single parent families.

It makes sense Opioid addiction is a white people problem. The vast majority of cases start with prescription meds.


I think there is a correlation between poverty and violence. The poorer you are, the more crimes you face. Less crimes happening in affluent neighborhoods. Since black people are in general less wealthy than whites, a larger proportion of them will face crime or subject to violence.

However, I think the point you are trying to make is whether there is something inherent in black people’s nature that causes them to be poor or violent. Or is it due to racial oppression by white people. If you associate yourself with the former, you will be named a racist who propagate white superiority. So the PC way to explain the difference is to use the latter.


Yeah, because all of Africa is known for being such a safe and peaceful place.

Also, black people were making each other slaves in Africa before white people ever arrived. When England banned international slave trade, the king of Nigeria protested it. Even in the US, free black people owned black slaves. We don’t teach that in history though. They make it seem like all black people were free until evil white men showed up to make them slaves.


But the white men did come and took up a lot of black slaves. Fake news?


:rofl: Yes, just because blacks enslaved themselves doesn’t make it proper for whites to enslave blacks nor does it make their crime less heinous…


Why was there slavery in US but not Europe in modern times?


Good question. Slavery was mainly used for agriculture. That’s why there was only slavery in the US South but not the North. Northern US was rapidly industrializing, and its underclass of industrial workers was supported by poor migrants from Europe rather than African slaves. However, no one from Europe was willing to work in the cotton plantation as field hands. That’s why slaves were imported from Africa for that purpose alone.

Western Europe was undergoing the same kind of industralization process as the US North, so no slavery was needed. Eastern Europe was still under a feudal structure where an underclass of serfs farmed the land. Again, no slavery was needed there because that job was already performed by these serfs.


They were already slaves before the white man arrived.


White men didn’t start slavery, but they ended it despite protests from black men in Africa.


[quote=“marcus335, post:659, topic:2843”]
White men didn’t start slavery, but they ended it despite protests from black men in Africa.
[/quote]My head hurts. Why bother to debate who is right or wrong when is already water under the bridge. We can’t do anything about it so why bother. Can we do something that we can influence like investing in RE and 10x stocks :joy:


For Chinese and Koreans it’s like watching the Japanese denies their war history. I am not black, you are not black. To us it’s just something in the history book. We are not too concerned about it. But just like I understand why the Chinese and the Koreans are upset, I too am sympathetic to how the blacks feel. I didn’t expect slavery is still a debate topic in 2017.


Until blacks get over the slavery thing they will never be free…In fact it is the liberal media and white guilt that is inslaving their minds…Anger eats at your soul…The liberal media feed that anger and makes blacks vengeful instead of hopeful. …Every immigrant group comes and escapes proverty in a generation. Look at Obama, with african instead of American black influence escaped the tyranny of black American culture (ghetto and prison culture) .Blacks have ten generations since slavery and 50 years since the civil rights act and still have the highest poverty rates…They will have to forget the past to move forward


Actually I’m not more upset about Japanese denying war history than say neo-Nazis denying holocaust… I am only sympathetic to those Chinese victims the same way I am sympathetic to holocaust victims.


To be totally honest, I don’t think that’s what actually held back the blacks…