Google engineer's viral 10 page anti diversity screed


You dont think black culture is a hinderance to suceess??? …Refusing to work for the man because it is like slavery, not wanting to be educated because education is only white centric…Their hatred of whites while understandable, is ineffect cultural genocide…They need to get over it and focus on their future…


I don’t think black culture is a hinderance to success. Because there are successful black people out there despite being raised as blacks under the black culture.

Also, refusing to work, not wanting to be educated, and hating whites are also not what black culture is about. There are also white people (and Asians) out there who refuse to work, can care less about education, and hating other races.


To be successful in America you have to leave the black culture, except in music and sports. .Look at. OJ…totally abandoned black culture, lived like he was white…When he needed black supoort, he found it through a black jury…Sadly he is one of many black false hereos…Like Rodney King, Travon Martin, Brown, and host of others…Why not celebrate success instead …


Being slaves 10 generations ago should have very little impact today. Jewish used to be slaves in Egypt but they have been successful all the time. I think black people should look inward for their current situation and work on their own to achieve better success.

Blaming others and blaming the society will never help you move forward.

In today’s USA, there is no major political factors stopping African Americans to be successful. Google and Harvard are both eager to help.

I do not understand the forever fighting against other people. It’s better to work hard instead of fighting other people. Minorities should learn from Jewish people who had lots of misfortunes before but their hard work makes them successful all the time and everywhere


That might be true, but why blame the blacks for their lack of progress when there are white supremacists marching in the streets. I think your focus should be to denouce the supremacists rather than blame the victims. It will make you more PC and likeable, rather than sounding like a racist.


White supremacists should be denounced million times.

But how did white supremacists prevent black people become successful? There are 2 ways to fight. One way is to confront and fight with fist and blood in the street. They have done that. The other way is to work hard in your own life when the white supremacists are not in your face. Once you succeed and become someone like Obama and Michelle and Jordan and Jackson and Benson, the white supremacists will feel less supreme.

You can fight and control other people’s mouth and behavior, but you can control their mind. To really change the white supremacists, the people of all colors need to work hard and show them that they are not superior over other people.

African Americans have a huge advantage over Asian and Hispanic immigrants. They are citizens and they are native ENGLISH speakers. There is no reason they can’t be more successful than Asian and Hispanic immigrants. White supremacists impact the Asian and Hispanic people as well

There are many black politicians. I don’t remember what messages Rice, Benson and other black politicians send to BLM. Obama is very supportive of BLM. What impact did Obama have on African Americans?


A lot of black people are indeed more successful than whites/Asians/Hispanics. So there’s absolutely no reason to blame them or their culture for their lack of success. What we need to do is to empower the rest of them to achieve success, if they haven’t already.

The same analogy can be applied to women in the workplace. Don’t blame women or their biology for their lack of success. Empower them instead.


Why do they need you to empower them? Do you think you are superior to them?

You have to treat them equally. Leftist’s problem with black people is that they treat black people as inferior to leftist elites. Actually leftist elites think themselves as superior over anyone else. That’s the problems.

If a group always rely on other group’s empowerment and assistance, it’ll never succeed equally as others groups.

The best help you can get is always yourself


Wrong again. Empowering someone doesn’t mean that you feel you are superior. Empowering them means you realize that historically they have been placed in an inferior position, so you are helping them to overcome such obstacle in order to achieve success.

There is no need to empower white men because they have always been the most successful. There is a need to empower women and minorities because they were historically disadvantaged.


White people can’t empower blacks, they have to do it themselves. .Their own culture will have to embrace education, hard work and other paths to success that immigrants use to gain something in one generation that blacks haven’t, in aggregate, in 10 generations. …Sure there are plenty of successful black people…But many abandon their roots, neighborhood, friends and join white culture. .Successful black leaders need to help bootstrap their own community. …If they trully believe BLM they would invest and inspire instead of marching, rioting, blocking freeways and looting…


CNN says many ordinary Americans are white supremacists by default.


White racists should be condemned and are condemned everyday…But BLM, Antifa say all white people are racist. …therefore end of discussion. …No more dialogue. .The left has been rioting since the 60s…People on this forum are too young to remember the turmoil and hatred from those times…The new left, Bernie, BLM and other groups are trying to revive that turmoil. .It has destroyed the Democrats, helped elect the worst President ever…Republicans dominant state and Federal office not because people love their ideas but because the radicalized left is being rejected by the silent majority. .

People forget that the radicals on the left drove the Country to th right…It will happen again…

These little bands of white hate groups are not the cause but the result of 50 years of the liberal elite telling the rest of us how to live…


It’s unlikely to have everyone be perfect human. It’s also unlikely to have the world and the country to be perfect for us. We have to survive and thrive in the given circumstances


We are now seeing Nazis and the KKK pushing people to the left. At least wake the left up. KKK used to wear hoods and hide their faces. Now they just march on street in broad daylight and wave Nazi flags. Talking about progress.

2018 is going to be amazing.


From my favorite Republican:


Proud of your own race, culture and nationality is natural and should be encouraged.
Why we call these people supremacists?


I thought you are very sensitive to contexts?


Because they associate themselves with Hitler and Nazis who killed millions of Jews. And the KKK has a history of killing black people. You can be proud of your own race but you should not do so at the expense of another race.


These people refers to people who are proud of their races, culture and nationality not the people cited in this thread. From wuqijun response, I get that it is ok and not call them supremacists.


Good, you guess I just want to know where is the line that you would cross to be called supremacists.


This professor has done research on white nationalism. Here are her comments about difference between white supremacism and white nationalism, and events in Charlottesville.