Google engineer's viral 10 page anti diversity screed


Exactly. So much for the over-rated freedom. The only thing I see great in America is it is THE Land of the Opportunity. So long it remains as such, anything can be tolerated.


Android operating system and Google cell phones.


They lose money on Android OS. They make money on ads from Android users, but they actually make more ad money per iPhone user.

They don’t sell enough phones to be material to their financials.

Over 90% of their revenue is from advertising.


Google claims they are now an AI-first company but I don’t know what that really means.


Holy cow, the bitcoin world is a whole bunch of sexists:

The male to female ratio is 97:3, almost as bad as the ratio among US death row inmates.



Yet no one says the criminal justice system is sexist.


If Bitcoin is a trash waiting to crash, why do women complain about too many men in crypto field?

For violent crimes, we don’t need more women to commit. There are already too many men doing that



Let’s understand for a moment–he was addressing Google’s own programs and what he saw wrong with them. it’s not like he just started up a conversation on gender differences for the sake of discussion. What he addressed was his disagreement with the programs and actions that Google implemented.

If Google had investments in Israel, it would be the same as a Palestinian bringing up reasons to divest. Is that wrong? People did it all the time in the 80s/90s. Did anyone get fired for it?


The works he cited as “empirical evidence” supporting his views of gender bias were studies made on a different, select group of participants unrelated to Google employees. For example, the part about females showing more interest in humans and males in things was based on the a sample of 100 newborn babies (1.5 days old) and the direction their eyes gazed. The problem with accepting stereotypes as biological characteristics is that such perceptions actually can impact performance. I did read up on this topic after this story came out and I’m glad I did because otherwise I probably wouldn’t have thought the stereotypes propagated in his memo were that harmful… but they are.

If his memo’ s intent was to criticize Google’s programs and objectives, he should have limited the discussion to just that. I think that if his views are influencing the workplace environment and performance that is grounds for firing.


Exactly my point.


Google can do whatever they want within the boundary of law. It’s a free country. If Google felt that that guy is racist then it’ll have to right to fire him.


Haven’t watched the video… but might watch it over the weekend.


I’m falling asleep after the first 3 mins… I have a very short attention span with regard to this issue!!! I’m bailing out… :weary:


Yepp… long video.


Google fired an engineer for a report…

Paid $90m to get rid of Andy Rubin for pressurizing a subordinate woman for inappropriate acts…


Not having read the article, I assume Andy had change control clause in his contract. Not available for us lowly peons


I’m sure…
but the other guy just wrote a report…


to be honest, i think his report was provocative in intention, too. I don’t buy the argument of him writing what he thought, i thought there was an ulterior motive.


You can’t compare the Father of Android with some lowly IC who didn’t know to keep his mouth shut. Rubin literally changed the mobile world. The other guy? Not so much.


Rubin literally copied Apple iOS.