Gun Control


Smiling for the cameras while parents are crying over the death of their kids?

Who wants to bet he is playing golf? Golf? Wait! Only idiots believed him when he said he wouldn’t, right?

Any takers?




Finally somebody making sense.

Now, we have to convince the bunch of idiots with their “don’t do nothing” propaganda.


I love when people understand they are defending a losing proposition.


Hm… did you read the article?? I really question on everything you post.
first let me clear my position, i don’t own any AR-15

From your article:
After he walked me through the paperwork, all five pages of it, I told him I changed my mind and wanted to think more before I bought an AR-15.

So basically this young man did not go through the whole process, he did not purchase the AR-15.
The gun store don’t do background check, he didn’t even file the paperwork
correct me if i’m wrong for those with more knowledge on this topic


It’s up there with the reporter that tried to prove how easy it is to buy a gun, and he failed the background check. It was Neil Steinberg, and you’ll notice who didn’t carry the news. In most of the America, that incident never happened since the mainstream media won’t cover those things.




The school shooting every 60 hours is based on the 18 school shootings this year. That’s already been debunked. I honestly stopped reading at that point, since the author made a huge factual error at the start. It seemed like the rest was going to build on factual error.

I do usually read what people post. I’ll even critique the inaccuracies of it. It’s clear the vast majority of posters won’t even read something that doesn’t align with their emotions. The response is to ignore it and post something that does align. There’s zero effort to actually answer questions. Just ignore them and post something else that aligns with the emotions. I honestly don’t care what people’s emotions are. This topic has become pointless.


The point is the AR15 is the most efficient effective military style weapon ever made. It designed to kill people not deer and is the best people killing infantry weapon there is. Why do civilians need them?


That’s the question so many idiots can’t answer.

By the way, they seem to not understand the topic here. It’s precisely that type of weapons on the hands of civilians that is the core of the problem. They shouldn’t be in the hands of a civilian. Period!

Watch, they will come back with the “but data shows, but somebody did, but someone didn’t”. They are the bunch of so called whataboutist people.


When people are narcissist, the deaths of people in this country by a lunatic, becomes a photo opportunity. Did he shed a tear? Never!


Maybe I should post this under my “It Gets Better By The Minute” thread…


These things really get the best of me. Seeing how this country is so sick in the head makes me thank my decision to become one of the sane Americans, not the other group of people as sick as a psycho.


One thing is to say you “understand English” dioworld, another thing is to comprehend it.

"I gave him my license, then reached for my receipt showing I renewed it the week before. Before I even got it out of my pocket, the employee told me I was good and I just needed my vehicle registration for verification. He didn’t notice that my license had expired recently." <---------:scream:

When I came back from my car with the vehicle registration, he was sitting at the front desk with the paperwork and weapon ready.
“Just fill this out and you’re good to go.”<-------:triumph:

Seconds. It took seconds for the salesman to take an AR-15 off the shelf and begin selling it to me. If I had stayed for maybe three minutes longer to fill out less paperwork than I did for the hiring process at my school’s bookstore, I would’ve driven home with an AR-15.

Do you understand English dioworld? The kid was OK, he basically only needed the $ to buy an AR15 after signing the paperwork, easier than going to a library to lease a book.


you clearly don’t have any experience buying a gun

even HE PAID and everything, he will not receive and complete the purchase without filing the paperwork and background check by the governement, the store can take the money, and put the gun on HOLD until everything is clear.

It does not matter what the gun store about his license expire or not, he is not the person doing the background check. HE WOULD NOT have driven home with an AR-15 without paperwork/background check . The kid NEVER completed the whole process, everything is from his assumption that he is able to take the AR home.

This is a misinform article and they are very successful to misinform people like you.
You’re spreading way too much bad information in this board. Not only guns, but pretty much you keep spamming the whole board with whatever you found on internet.

It’s really difficult to have a conversion with you , you’re just personal attacking everyone and hating everyone that is not agreeing with your or what you post. And yes, i don’t speak english like you do. so what.


Is this an assault weapon?


The term assault weapon has become meaningless.
That gun looks like a mini14. With a 30 shot magazine it is just as lethal as a AR15.

Notice quote in the ad for these $18 magazines


We Regroup In Hell and Kill The Enemy Twice

Here is a 100 shot drum for the mini 14
Kill100 people in one minute

The guys promoting these military style weapons are not promoting home defense. Their are promoting paramilitary hate groups that want to have the capacity to fight the US military. They believe civilians should have military weapons to wage war. An insane idea that is much scarier than a few nuts that kill dozens in school yards.

Guns that can handle more than 5 bullets, the most allowed for hunting, should be banned, rifles and pistols. That means banning semiautomatic weapons like in Australia.
Can’t stop killings of a few people… even knives and machetes can do that.
But banning infantry style modern war weapons could prevent mass killings of 10-100 caused by weapons similar to AR 15s
It is clear nothing will happen. So the best thing is to avoid places where nuts go to kill as many as possible.
I bet home schooling becomes more popular.
For home defense the best weapon is a 12ga pump shotgun with a 20” barrel. Currently they hold up to 8 shots of 00buckshot. Each shotshell holds 12 .33 round lead balls. That’s 100 lethal projectiles that you can pump out in a minute. Deadly in your house. Lethal to 40 yards. Don’t need to aim, just hold down the trigger and pump away. Practically jamb free. Plus just the sound of pumping in the first round will scare off most thieves.