Gun Control


When you go through the studies their are figures between 98k and 250K. The 440k number is just an estimate with no hard data to back it up. Still it is an extremely high number and needs to come down. My late wife died from an infection she caught in at Stanford.


There’s NRAcus as always deflecting on the issue here. The poor guy is as bad on paying attention as knowing the potential of compound interests against simple interest. There’s nothing we can do to cure stupidity.

He supports the following, he will never denounce this. I bet all my money on it:


Well, mister NRAcus likes data. And he loves NY Times.


Oh come on, do you know how many medical care encounters happen in totality and how the majority come out successful? Sure, unfortunately accidents/mistakes do happen during surgery or what have you but let’s not try to say that the state of medicare care in this country is remotely at issue. People in general are living way longer due to the advancements of medical care than ever before. Obviously, when it comes to medical care, sure, it is a matter of life or death and unfortunately it doesn’t always come out positive. Nice try though, @marcus335


Wow, that tweet makes about as much sense as your ramblings do.


Welcome to the generation AR15. They will send those coward republicans on retirement with their votes. There are millions and millions of them, and they are taking notice who the cowards are when it comes to guns.

Again, the stupid republicans want to arm teachers, when the same security paid to protect them ran away…It is so tragic it makes me rethink what the hell is a gun for in the hands of a security guy.


We used to drill with M14s in uniform on the Cal Campus when I was in the Army ROTC. It was hilarious to see the shock in the liberal progressives eyes.


How many school shootings were there?


In those days the cops did the shooting. People’s park and Kent State.


In the case of parkland they had an armed guard and he was on premise at the time of the shooting. He didn’t enter despite being aware of what was going on. So if a trained “professional” won’t do something to stop a shooting how would arming amateurs solve it. Btw I served my time in the army and I am sure @hanera did as well. We never had our weapons with us except when we were deployed (not in camp). Same with the us army. Keep the guns locked away and you are much safer


Always drew out the weapons, just not loaded with live rounds :wink:


He was a coward and was just forced into retirement. Guns are strictly an offensive weapon. Very hard to stop offending actions. Only overwhelming force works and is usally to late.


Oh yah forgot about that. Been a while. Lol. Drew it out and returned it everyday


There are plenty of cases where armed citizens take action. It happens 2.5M times a year, and that’s from a study funded by liberals to prove how rarely an armed citizen prevents a crime. The better question is why does the media so rarely cover those events?

The public thinks gun violence is at an all-time high, but it’s been on decline for decades. You can’t even show people a graph that shows the decline in gun homcides. They’ll immediately claim it’s a fake or can’t be real.

Look at here where no one can get their head around the US gun homicide rate declined more than Australia’s since their gun ban. That doesn’t fit the headlines they see, so they can’t believe it.

So much for living in the Information Age.


you own a gun? a pistol?


I am just saying again, and again, and again.

The conservative example of the NRA, you know the good guy with a gun ran away like a dog with its tale between its legs. It did cost us 17 lives and the mental trauma for hundreds if not thousands of young people. :triumph:

Only ignorant, dumb, full of apathy people, like somebody on this forum, think and support the idea that a good guy with a gun will stop a bad guy with a gun. Their magnificent example, a 32 years in the service officer, well trained I guess, like his president just walked away from combat, he didn’t want to die like a hero, he rather lives like a coward the rest of his life.

MAGA! My Arse Goes Arrested :sweat_smile:


The info on the 250,000+ accidental medical deaths a year.

Those took a couple of minutes and are only cases where armed citizens helped police officers in danger. You can deny that it happens, but you’d be denying reality. I’m sure with some effort you could find more cases of armed citizens helping police officers than school shootings.


Me? No. I definitely will if I buy where I’m looking now. They get coyotes and the occasional bear. It’s straight up foolish to own a couple acres of land in an area like that and not have a gun.


Want the truth? You want to know how you can get an AR15 in 18 hours, no receipts, no Driver’s License check?

Of course, we will get the same hypocrite guy deflecting what it hurts his feelings…:joy::joy::joy:

I just want to make note that this guy is a second amendment supporter. Listen carefully, how easy it is to buy an AR15 in South Carolina. Soooooooooo easy !!!

Coley Brown, an “avid gun owner,” documents his purchase of an AR-15 rifle to shine a light on how easy it is to purchase these weapons in some states:

“I went and bought it, paid cash, didn’t get a receipt, nobody checked my driver’s license. Nothing.”


All my friends in Tahoe have guns. A lot have concealed weapons permits… Easy to get in Eldorado county. We go to Nevada gun ranges to shoot.