Gun Control


my wife’s father is an army officer in my home country, and he will gift a gun to us at some point. I don’t want to bring it here, if the gifting really happens, but i liked shooting when i was practicing with air pistols at mit, and i am fairly sure i would love going to a shooting range.

but that’s probably about it, i never plan to have a gun in my home.


You are very smart, even 32 years in the service police officers run from combat like the coward in the white house.


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Gun control rally in Tallahassee!


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Pick a side, Mr. Seattle…Amazon or NRA


Hollywood should worry about their own pedophiles and sex perverts. Maybe if some of those women carried guns there wouldn’t be so many victims.


On that question of arming our beloved teachers, where do you stand?


We protect money with armed guards. Why not kids? I personally don’t care what gun laws you pass. Criminals will get guns. That’s a fact of life. There’s a reason they always go shoot up “gun free zones”.


be cautious of lead if you have young children. There’s a lot of fine lead dust that comes off weapons when firing them (I think there’s some lead free ammo these days. but been a while). If you don’t clean your weapon well when you bring home, you are going to be bringing lead dust with you. Lead is very harmful at young ages.


So, I guess you want teachers to be also burdened with the responsibility of being bodyguards (not that they aren’t already pseudo babysitters…) ??? Shouldn’t teachers just teach???


I’d prefer armed guards over armed teachers. However, if a teacher wants to carry a gun, then they should have the right. Carrying is a right not an obligation. The exception being some police departments that require off duty officers to carry.


The concern of course is just that you are potentially introducing another gun in a classroom setting and here we go with stories about how some students managed to find the gun…


The armed guard in Florida was useless


Speech by father of a Florida school shooting victim


One interesting commonality among school shooters and even many criminals is the lack of father figure. That’s become a full on epidemic in America. It’s also been linked to poor performance in school. It honestly seems like most of society’s issues can be traced to absentee fathers. It’s only gotten worse as we create more programs to help single parents.


Let’s say family - family is important.