Gun Control


But, if it happened here in the Fab 7x7 or say Oakland, the criminal’s family would have called John Burris and his spin would be that he was wrongfully imprisoned in store and shot like an animal…


He had a shotgun. Could have shot his way out. Decided to return. Got what he deserved.


@buyinghouse with more deflection,since the facts on gun control don’t support his emotions.



Hopefully, there is not a single Cadet Bone Spurs around, he would get so mad at his president profiting from tragedy. Using the tragedy to ask for donations. Again, what a despicable piece of human being is this coward president.

Oh…wait! There’s one! And he is kissing the dirt he steps on…:face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign used a photo of a survivor of the Parkland, Florida, shooting in an email Saturday that asks its recipients to donate money to the campaign.


The DNC had the mothers of the movement on stage at their convention. What on earth is your point? It seems like you’re always trying to prove that Trump is doing something bad. Some how it’s uniquely bad if Trump does it, but it’s perfectly fine if democrats do it. That’s the peak of irrational and emotional thought processing. All you’re doing is proving you have an inability to process information fairly. Nothing you say can be taken seriously.


Here’s a clip on how he reacted when he head something backfire. Not very brave.

I don’t know why he has to keep making statements that are easily proven as lies.


Can We at least all agree that civilians should not have access to assault weapons?


The only reason he does that is because he did that during his campaign and still won. Hence, his theory is as long as he keeps his flock(who do not verify facts & believe in conspiracy theories) behind him he can keep going.

Here’s his comment in which essentially said the same thing:


Why? If you look at riffles (which includes assault and non-assault ones), they are responsible for ~1,300 gun homicides a year. If you want to ban anything that causes 1,300 deaths in a year, then you’d be writing an awfully long list of things to ban. You can start with swimming. You’d have to ban sex, since there’s multiple STDs that kill more people per year. You really shouldn’t drive a car to work. Unless we ban cars, you really shouldn’t walk anywhere or ride a bicycle. We shouldn’t let anyone drink alcohol or use tobacco. We shouldn’t prescribe Opiods.


All of the things you mentioned, sex. swimming, driving, riding a bicycle, alcohol,and opiods all have legitimate uses(smoking might be an exception). There is no legitimate reason to have an assault weapon in private hands.

Edit - I was wrong. If Dr. Frankenstein had an assault rifle he could have mowed down to villagers when they came after him with pitchforks and torches. :grinning:


Dan Bilzerian disagrees with ya.


None of those things are protected in the constitution as a right.


Isn’t that visible guys? There is a person that is so dumb he hasn’t heard he is against everybody with an inch of brain in their skull. Like a little brat he wants to “win” while we the parents are losing our kids.

Haven’t you noticed that this ignorant person never agrees with you? He is always trying to win.

We have a person here, whom you never should trust your kids with. He would put them as a shield against an AR15 because he would survive and it would help him to prove a point that he likes to go against all of us who are saying the assault rifles should be banned. He is against logic.

There are as I repeat my famous saying “some idiots” not paying attention to the fact that in the Al Capone era, the government saw what a machine gun was doing, they got horrified to see the end results. They banned it. But at that time, there weren’t that many second amendment cry babies.

Then, they banned the hand grenade. Anti personal mines too. And the bazooka I believe.

See? The NRA is a powerful organization that owns the government and some lackeys all over the media.


Bravo!!! Bravo!!!


More personal attacks. Don’t blame me because people are so illogical. People are literally 4x more likely to get hit by a car while walking than be killed be an assault riffle. If it really is about saving human lives, then why aren’t people demanding safer crosswalks, lower speed limits in high pedestrian areas, etc. You’re almost 3x as likely to drown. Where’s the movement to ban backyard pools and have mandatory lifeguards at public pools and beaches? You’re almost 8x as likely to die in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. Where’s the movement to make breathalyzers mandatory on cars?

I honestly don’t respect public opinion on guns, because the public has proven it’s ignorant. I’ve posted the survey before that shows people believe gun violence is at a peak level while it’s been falling for decades. People don’t even know what’s actually happening. They have feelings based on traumatic headlines, but they don’t know the actual facts.

The AR 15 was around for DECADES before it was used in mass shootings. Mass shootings are relatively new. What we do know is almost every shooter is/was on depression and/or anxiety meds and was raised without a father in the home. These people are going to do massive amounts of evil. People want to take away the rights of 10M+ AR 15 owners, because a few psychos a year use them to harm others. People think that’ll stop the psychos from harming schools. All that’s going to do is make them pick another method to do it. It’s not going to stop the mass killings, and it’s going to infringe the rights of 10M people.

How about the big killer… abortions? There’s 700,000 deaths a year. Oh, I know. It’s her body and her right. Those don’t count as a death. I’d love to see someone explain how:

  1. If it’s a gun, car accident, or other event that kills an unborn baby then it’s a homicide.
  2. If a mother decides to kill an unborn baby, then it’s not a homicide.

I’d love to know how many anti gun people are out there protesting against abortion too.


Blah, blah, blah.

The troll doesn’t get it. Generals, colonels, you name it are saying the assault rifles shouldn’t be in the hands of civilians. Any idiot here not understanding the core of the problem?



Which military leaders say that? Most military and police support the 2nd amendment. You don’t see police officers leading anti gun protests. You better bring some actual facts to backup your opinions.

"And when it comes to finding ways to reduce gun violence and large scale shootings, most cops say a federal ban on so-called “assault weapons” isn’t the answer.

More than 91 percent of respondents say it would either have no effect or a negative effect in reducing violent crime. This is an overwhelming response by those whose job it is to actually deal with this issue on the front lines."

"More than 91 percent of respondents support the concealed carry of firearms by civilians who have not been convicted of a felony and/or not been deemed psychologically/medically incapable.

A full 86 percent feel that casualties would have been reduced or avoided in recent tragedies like Newtown and Aurora if a legally-armed citizen was present "

"n addition, the survey asked, “On a scale of one to five — one being low and five being high — how important do you think legally-armed citizens are to reducing crime rates overall?”

Three quarters of you (75 percent) answered either four or five, with more than 50 percent answering five."

"From all ranks, from Sheriffs and Chiefs on down, the vast majority (95 percent) say a federal ban on the manufacture and sale of ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds would not reduce violent crime. "

Why don’t you go ahead and tell all the police officers who deal with it on a daily basis that they are wrong, and the opinion of @buyinghouse is the only thing that matters.

Then there’s this older study.

81% of felons try to determine if a victim is armed before acting
57% of felons fear armed citizens more than the police
40% of felons have been deterred from committing a crime because they believe the victim was armed
34% of criminals had been scared off, shot at, wounded, or captured by an armed citizen

Do you realize how much crime would increase without armed citizens? It seems like it’d increase by 40%.

You have people like this saying we should ban assault weapons:

Meanwhile, here’s a photo of her after using an assault weapon at a gun range. She sure looks awfully happy.


Are you dummy or you pretend to be one? Jesus!

I think you are it.

I got news for you!

Nobody here is supporting the ending of the second amendment. :smile::scream:

Are you sure you are not under the influence again? Man! What’s going on with people like Marcus? 2 phds and mumbling jumbling nonsense. :smile:

That’s why I gave up debating with this kind of people. They take A for a B.


Just what I thought. More personal attacks, and you didn’t even read any of the info presented. I’m sure you’ll deflect and post a meme soon.


Where on any posting here anybody has advocated against the second amendment? Jesus!

“but police officers and blah, blah, blah support the second amendment” ??? Who cares if they support it or not. What matters are those who are turning their AR15s in and calling it quits with that stupidity.

By the way, your BS? LOL. From 2013?

"Since then, we published a cropped photo of Mr. Kelly’s wife Gabrielle Giffords cradling an AR-15. Yesterday, the former Congresswoman and spree killer survivor turned gun control advocate published a non-cropped version of the original image, a bonus image and an “explanation” for the event on Facebook.