Gun Control


While you guys are arguing (for months?) the movement for gun control keeps getting stronger. Many retailers including Walmart and Dicks now don’t sell guns to under 21 year olds. Companies are revoking NRA discounts. Just this morning Blackrock said they will become activist investor on gun issues.

The time has finally come. I already said gun control is my number 1 voting issue. I will even vote for someone advocating rent control if the alternative is some gun nuts. It will be many people’s top issue. I encourage you guys talk to your circle of influence to get people to vote and donate.

Kick the bums out!


I keep saying that one individual here is a narcissist and psychopath. No feelings, no remorse, no sorrow, no sentiments for what our kids are going through in this country.

Yesterday, it was an emotional day for me. I had to go and drop my daughter to school, the administration had texted us the night before telling us that the police were investigating death threats against the entire school district in Santa Clara or so.

Prior to that, my 14 yo kid had received text messages from friends at school saying they wouldn’t attend school the next day because of the threats. So, I had to drive my kid to school and leave him in the very door to his first class.

For those of us who have kids, that last hug to your kid, the one cut down by an AR-15 must be something you will never forget.

And, in the name of killing the political correctness, and to make honor to the guy who requested that, my apologies, but if any m…r fu…er is going to tell me that this situation is normal, I can tell him or them, to GTFOH!

We want those AR-15s or any rapid fire assault rifle out of the civilians hands, take them all guns if possible! Anything else is pure bullshit. If you don’t help, don’t bother.

Like somebody said to me last time, “if you don’t have a skin in the game, get out”. If you don’t have kids, shut the hell up!:triumph:


I’ll just leave those 2 quotes here.


The AR 15, for when there’s multiple burglars.


Also, people are demanding action because 17 kids died. What about the 11 teens killed every day from texting while driving? Wait, texting while driving is against the law, so how are there 11 teen deaths a day from doing it? You should be far more worried about you kid riding in a car with someone that’s texting and driving than an AR 15.



Even Fox news is conflicted about AR15s[quote=“Elt1, post:666, topic:3194, full:true”]


CNN is putting out some pathetic content. They invent new terms like “full semi automatic”. I feel like most of our news agencies should drop the facade and admit they are political activists.


Go ahead thinking citizens don’t have a need for guns and police will protect you.



He also could have done that with a handgun.


Handguns have a far more limited range for remaining accurate. He’d need to get much closer to the situation which is higher risk.


And using essentially a machine gun via the “shotgun approach” won’t have any collateral deaths??? Again, who in their right mind uses an AR15 for hunting? Nobody!!!


It’s semi auto. It only fires one bullet per trigger squeeze. You only need one shot if you’re good. The issue is when there’s 3 bad guys like the one article. Then you need semi auto and a clip that holds multiple rounds.


Some idiots do, and their NRA’s lackeys abound anywhere.

Oh…I see a little kitty cat!


Be afraid of people supporting, deflecting topics to their own line of thought, specially narcissist people. They are dangerous.


Some statistics to help in the debate:


Hold a lot of gun related stocks, Mr. Austin???


Next time you see somebody getting into a hospital and murdering (aborting) fetuses by the 10s let me know.


Bravo!!! Now, that, is the makings of a world class city!!!