Gun Control


We should raise voting age to 21 then.


Should be 25 :slight_smile: for voting. Study show most of us can’t make rational judgement before that.


Damn it, I have held the same WF checking account since high school. The tellers are usually impressed when they see that. Now what??? Well, maybe they will send me a AR15 for Christmas…





Let’s arm teachers, but…they may shoot somebody by accident.

Oh, how about anybody carrying a gun into the school? :roll_eyes:


Good news!


This is the Douglas HS shooters gun
The M and P stand for military and police


What, some common sense for once? Nice job, Maryland!!!



Uh, there goes that fat red envelope from the NRA, eh, Gov???


“A controversial part of the new law is known as the Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program, which arms some teachers if both the local school district and local sheriff’s department agree. The provision is named after the coach who shielded students with his own body and died in last month’s shooting.”


A pretty wimpy approach to gun control. It raises the age to own firearms to 21 but does not even ban assault weapons. I guess they wanted to show they are doing something, but not anything relevant.


We can still read or know people who are stuck with the second amendment thingy, which should be respected, but besides that sentiment, I think they are really a danger to themselves. It seems they are sick, all they talk is about the imaginary government taking their guns or their homes, and the funny part is that generals themselves say that an AR-15 would be hard to be used to defend your home since you need a short gun to maneuver around.

What do you expect from people imagining themselves playing Rambo?.

Nothing relevant is going to be made out of this madness. We are seeing shootings all over the US but still, nothing done. NRA credit card must be revolving big time!

Until the next massacre, God forbids.


Agreed, but we take the “wins” when we can. What do you want me to say at the end of the day? We did zilch, nada, after Sandy Hook…


The money is not the issue…The NRA is a symbol of the cultural divide between rural and urban America…NRA members are on a mission from God…Rural America supports them no questions asked.


A Mexico has strict gun control and three times the US murder rate.
In fact it almost impossible to buy a gun in Mexico

Here Is the government party line. Pretty much means Mexicans are SOL.

“It’s an obligation of the state to provide security to the people who live in the country, not for you to take justice into your own hands.”


They got the “gun control” as “gun rc car”




Is this a joke or what? The cowards don’t allow people to carry guns during their conventions? Jesus!