Gun Control


It’s funny when people do t realize there are gun laws and break them.


The gun control issue is going to be the way the treasonous, country sellout, Russian lovers, swamp swimmer, sexual predators and deviants, oligarch party of the GOP is going to be buried in this soon to be elections.

The youngsters are paying attention. They are the next generation and they are getting some lessons about who is on their side.


It’s funny when not so smart people don’t talk about promises being broken.

Two weeks ago, Donald Trump hosted a fascinating meeting at the White House with a bipartisan group of senators, and to the surprise of many, the Republican president expressed support for “comprehensive” reforms to the nation’s gun laws. In fact, Trump said, he envisioned a “beautiful” bill that included all kinds of provisions.

Such as? The president’s vision included everything from hiking age requirements on long-guns to “powerful” background checks to gun confiscation without prior due process. As for the National Rifle Association, Trump went so far as to mock Republicans to their face for fearing the far-right lobbying group.

We all knew the liar in chief, didn’t we?:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Wow, this is a crazy idea. Let’s prosecute people that break existing gun laws.

Background checks must work pretty well. So many people are caught lying on gun applications, that we don’t have the resources to prosecute them all. It’s a felony that’s rarely enforced.


The deflector in chief came to visit us with his daily “oh well, he ain’t lying”. How can he sleep every night covering for this liar?

President Trumpovich said on Monday that his administration would leave it to states to set an age limit for buying assault rifles. It was a reversal of weeks of repeated promises to act, and the latest of years of conflicting positions he has taken on a range of gun issues, from background checks to arming teachers.

We know he is a liar, Don The Con Man.:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Seriously now, should a 6th grader be remotely concerned about his safety to draw up a will??? Come on, what is wrong with this country??? No one, I mean no one is going to miss some military grade rifles!!! Just do like your parent may have done to you when you were a kid: just took it away and you just dealt with it. Problem solved.


There’s a long list of things far more likely to kill a 6th grader than a school shooter. The reason the kid is so worried is the media coverage.


A typical 6th grade should not be worried about media coverage on anything…


The media coverage is creating fear of something. Why isn’t the kid scared of drowning? Why isn’t he scared of being hit by a car while crossing the street? Both are far more likely to kill him., so why is he afraid of the thing that’s least likely to kill him? The media coverage creates a distorted reality where people have irrational opinions that don’t match facts. It’s why perception is so disconnected with reality.

We can make a choice to either:

  1. Be curious, learn, and understand facts so we are informed. Then we can make rational decisions based on facts.

  2. React emotionally to initial perception and make irrational decisions. Then when confronted with actual facts double down and insist the emotional and irrational decision is right.

Personally, I’d rather function at a cognitive level above a toddler.


I am telling you, this guy, troll, is unbelievable so out of empathy it is sickening.

Pay attention to this meme. It is valid to rationalize what the hell is a president sitting with the NRA to “come up with something” and not the congress?

They paid him very good, very good, the white house is for sale.



Again, arming teachers is not the answer…


But, but, but…:joy::joy::joy::joy:

What do you expect from the liar in the white house as docile as a pet in the hands of the NRA?

“They don’t have power over me” said the liar. :face_vomiting:


What is the point of laws if the government actively works against enforcing them? The Obama DOJ decided you were only a fugitive of the law if you crossed state lines, so 500,000 people were removed from the NICS database which allowed them to buy guns. Of course, you won’t see this on CNN, ABC, CBS, or NBC who are constantly pushing a gun control agenda. I expect most people that want gun control will shrug and not even care.


Live the present mister deflector, live the present.

We have a turd in the white house lying to this teeth, pretending to be taking care of kids asking him for support and he promised, to be bought out by the NRA.


The irony is people think there’s a huge gap between the parties on gun control. What is the difference between:

  1. Not passing more gun control laws
  2. Passing more gun control laws then undermining them with directives and overall lack of enforcement

Since most people don’t pay attention after initial legislation is passed, #2 makes them feel safer. They don’t stay engaged to realize when the second part happens and the law becomes meaningless. If these laws are so critical to our safety, then why would the same people that pass them then seek to undermine them?

When #2 happens, only law abiding citizens will respect the new laws. Criminals aren’t going to care, since there isn’t enforcement. You can see it where the felony of lying on a firearms applications isn’t enforced. You can see it where SF has decriminalized breaking into a car.
Go through the list of 30 least safe cities in America and see how many have only had democrat mayors since the 1960’s. How many have had an agenda of decriminalizing things in the name of social justice? It’s only served to make the cities the least safe in the US. How is that serving the citizens?

You can see #2 happen when the Obama administration acted to decriminalize behavior in schools. They put the burden on schools to deal with it, so the kids wouldn’t get criminal records. It was part of the social justice warrior agenda, since minority kids were overwhelmingly the ones getting criminal records. That decriminalization is why the FL shooter didn’t have a criminal record and was able to buy a gun.

Democrats are calling for better background checks. How is that going to help when they are simultaneously decriminalizing more and more activity which will allow criminals to pass the background check?


Blah, blah, blah…

Sue those mo…er fu…ers!

Toyota, any car maker gets sued for nothing. The gun industry is literally “killing” 2 toddlers every day due to gun shots. Any idiot with brains would understand that those gun dumb foks are sick beyond help

A lawsuit in Connecticut against a leading maker of AR-15 rifles is awaiting a pivotal court ruling over whether the gun industry can be held legally responsible for mass shootings.
The Connecticut Supreme Court is deciding whether to throw out a wrongful-death lawsuit brought by families of victims killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School against the manufacturer of the semiautomatic gun Adam Lanza used in the 2012 rampage.
Deploying a novel tort theory in pursuit of damages, plaintiffs’ lawyers for the families are trying to overcome a 2005 federal law that gives firearm sellers and manufacturers protection from liability claims over gun violence.


Good, let’s close gun sales!

Superstore company Fred Meyer says it will stop selling guns and ammunition.
The Portland, Oregon,-based chain in an announcement Friday says it made the decision after evaluating customer preferences. The company has more than 130 stores in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska.


What country is this? Public schools can suspend kids for going to a gun range during non-school hours.


I was checking out my buddies AR 15. Old school not the latest version. Surprisingly heavy. Especially with a 30 round clip.