Gun Control


He wants to sell it. Not really useful for anything. Heavy and unwieldy in close quarters. I liked his pump shotgun better. We go to the range with his 9mm and .357 magnum pistols … Much more fun to shoot.


That’s what those idiots don’t get it. Those guns, or weapons, are too long to be inside a home. So, there goes out of the window your home defense crap.

Still, there are some people debating on things not pertinent to this topic. Like Russian trolls…:rofl:




Very smart guy. Not likely or seemingly some people I know. :rofl:


What about the serial bomber in Austin? For some reason, that’s not dominating my Facebook feed the way a shooting does. I can’t imagine why not.


That or making the driving age 21…


lol - please neither. I quite like US driving age is 16.


Hey you! You! The Russian troll one!
It’s the gun you idiot!


How many would have died without an armed person at the school?


What a bunch of idiots!

A poor black guy is killed for just holding an alleged gun, which was a cell phone.

Meanwhile, when the cowards hear a shooting, they go into hiding behind a wall while our kids are killed with joy.



Imagine if the black community at that time had AR-15s…

May 31st, 1921, Tulsa, Oklahoma. The ‘Negro Wall Street’ district of the Greenwood neighborhood is bombed from the air.

Whites invade the enviable black business district, looting, burning, killing.

The police commandeer private planes. The 101st Airborne is flown in. A load of dynamite is dropped. 75 instantly killed. Hundreds of homes and businesses destroyed.

Four truckloads of bodies are shoveled into mass graves along the Arkansas river.

4,000 black men, women, and children arrested and placed in concentration camps, where they are required to carry ‘passes’.

The city quickly re-zones the neighborhood so that the railroad can be run through, thus completing the destruction of that neighborhood.


Don’t stop reading from 1921. No! Another one in 1985! Imagine if they had weaponry as they were accused of?

On May 13, 1985, the Philadelphia police engaged in a race riot when they dropped a bomb on the roof of a row house in a Black section of West Philadelphia. It was Mother’s Day, and Black mothers and children were killed that day, intentionally burned and shot to death by police. Eleven people, including five children ages 7 to 13 — all members of the radical Black liberation group MOVE — died.

There were two survivors, an adult, Ramona Africa, and a child named Birdie Africa, who received a $1.5 million judgment from a federal court. No officials were prosecuted for their misdeeds that day.




Bravo!!! Bravo!!! You go, YouTube!!!


“According to the Centers for Disease Control, youth suicide is in the midst of a precipitous and frightening rise. Between 2006 and 2016, suicides by white children between ages 10 and 17 skyrocketed 70%; while black children are less likely than white children to kill themselves, their suicide rate also jumped 77%.“

Just let that sink in for a minute. It matches the timeline for the increase in school shooters, and we know most school shooters were treated for depression. Why are youth suddenly so depressed and suicidal? Are gun laws going to make these kids less depressed and less suicidal? As long as there’s more depressed and suicidal kids, they’ll do horrible things that hurt and kill lots of people.

Google is getting too political for their own good. They’ll ban YouTube users that disagree with liberal idealogy.


Blah, blah, blah.


Hey, @marcus335, ever heard of the concept “think outside the box?”


What? I just bought that Backstreet Boys backpack!!! Come on!!!