Gun Control


If you are making a claim that other developed countries are different and there is a causality due to those differences to gun related deaths then show me a credible data+study which says so.

Otherwise, this is just an unsubstantiated claim and I will have to spend 2 hours on internet research to refute it.


It’s not like gangs keep a registry of members, so we can’t compare gang membership by country. We do know half of the gun violence is gang on gang which is drug related. That’s a causal factor in half of our gun violence.

It’s also difficult to get Opiod drug usage by country. The US does consume over 80% of the prescription pain killers though, and 75% of addicts started with prescription drugs. I think it’s reasonable to figure we have a much larger Opiod problem than those other countries and gangs are the ones trafficking it.

I think if it was a US wide issue, then you’d see a more even gun violence rate across the country. However, we have certain cities where the rate is much, much higher than even neighboring cities. Clearly, there is something specific to those cities with a very high gun violence rate.


So, you made a claim other countries do not have gang problem & now you say the data is out of Trump’s fart :slight_smile:

Now new reason, so gun violence due to Opiods?
When did USA start having Opiod problem, pretty recent(10-15 years) isn’t it? Did USA have a gun death problem compared to other developed countries before the opioid issue appeared?

If you’re making claims show me data you’re basing it on, otherwise we have more important things to do than chase down all unsubstantiated claims.


I didn’t claim. I asked if they have gang problems. I’m honestly not sure if they do. I do know half of our gun problem is gangs. Before Opiods, it was cocaine. How do you think gangs make their money? They deal drugs.

Gun homicides in the US have been decreasing. I posted before the rate of decrease is more than Australia’s decrease since their gun ban. People act like gun violence is getting worse, when in fact it is improving.


You are wasting your time with this poor guy, he loves to oppose any sensible approach to gun control. He goes around the bushes with “oh well, lookit here!”.

Just check at his statement : Gun violence is getting better. Yeah, by his own party, administration holding the record on a mass shooting. Eat that!

He enjoys seeing our kids massacred. He enjoys seeing innocent people killed “if” they are committing a crime so pity it makes you wonder why you have to die by holding a phone in your hands.

You got to be a psychopath, and a Narcissist to not have remorse, no empathy for the kids getting mental problems by fearing to die like fish in a barrel at school.

He just wants to win a debate, he is not here to debate with some empathy or heart in his words. As I said before, I pity anybody nearby this person. Oh boy! What a horrible life trying to start a conversation.


Notice knives and other guns (everything except handguns) are almost equal.


The innocent guy:

“Despite his youth, Clark had an extensive criminal history, including two felony counts of domestic abuse, robbery, firearm possession, and possession of a controlled substance.”


Any moth…fu…er saying “prayers and condolences” ?

GREAT MILLS, Md. (AP) — A teenage girl who was shot when a classmate opened fire inside their Maryland high school is brain dead and is being removed from life support, her mother said Thursday
Melissa Willey told news reporters Thursday night that her daughter, 16-year-old Jaelynn Willey has “no life left in her.” She said Jaelynn would be removed from life support during the evening.
The teen was shot Tuesday by 17-year-old Austin Rollins at Great Mills High School in St. Mary’s County.


All the laws below and none of them prevented the tragedy. A good guy with a gun stopped it from being worse. Go ahead and keep thinking another law would prevent it when all the other laws failed. Maybe students should print out gun and homicide laws. They can hold them up to explain to the shooter why it’s illegal. That’ll stop it, since I’m sure the shooter is simply unaware that what they are doing is illegal.

“The 2013 law:

Bans the sale or transfer of 45 firearms defined as assault weapons, including AR-15 models similar to that used in Parkland and other recent mass shootings. Individuals who owned such guns before Oct. 1, 2013, may continue to possess them.

Bans the manufacturing, sale or transfer of detachable magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

Prohibits possession of so-called “cop-killer” bullets during the commission of a crime of violence.

Creates a licensing system for the purchase of handguns under which individuals are required to undergo a criminal background check and to be fingerprinted. Applicants must certify under penalty of perjury that they are not prohibited by state of federal law from owning a handgun. Most applicants must complete a certified firearms training course.

Requires gun dealers to keep records of all firearms transactions and the state police to inspect dealers’ inventory and records every two years.

Restricts possession of firearms by individuals with a history of mental illness.

Bans certain categories of people from owning rifles or shotguns, including those with criminal convictions, mental illnesses or drug addictions.

Previous laws:

Prohibit sale and possession of 15 specific handguns classified as “assault pistols.”

Ban people convicted of crimes involving violence or drugs from possessing regulated firearms, including the assault weapons whose sale was banned in 2013.

Require firearms dealers to be licensed by the state.

Require individuals carrying handguns, concealed or not, to obtain a permit from Maryland State Police, for which they must have a “good and substantial reason” to do so. In practice, few are issued such permits.

Require handguns manufactured after 2002 and sold in Maryland to have internal trigger locks.”


Rollins died after shooting Willey. A school resource officer got there within a minute and fired a shot at Rollins, but it’s not yet clear whether Rollins was killed by the officer’s bullet or took his own life.


The shooter saw the resource officer who fired at him. If that made the shooter decide to take his own life, then that’s great. It destroyed any chance of the shooter harming others. The long list of laws you clearly didn’t read weren’t protecting anyone. Which reminds me why it’s pointless. You don’t even read information posted by others. I’ll go back to letting you post in your own topics over and everyone ignoring you.


Aah, finally, a story that involves real estate, real estate photography, and guns. What more could you ask for???


None the less, I would ask any idiot gun toting, grab gun ho, how about a teacher getting emotional and shooting the other teacher?

Of course, the idiots will come back with a deflection.


The dumb police officers tell the guy to stop and “show me your hands”. The guy, innocently goes and obeys the commands, and shows his hands with the cell on them. They kill him right away.

Shaky body cam footage shows officers running up a dark driveway with flashlights.

“Hey! Show me your hands! Stop! Stop!” an officer yells. As the officers run into a backyard, they turn a corner and spot Clark in the glare of their flashlights. The officers take temporary cover behind the corner and then confront the suspect once more. This time, an officer yells at Clark to show his hands, then begins shouting, “Gun, gun, gun!” Gunfire then erupts.



Sorry second amendment gun hoes, something is going on in this world, they fear the wave of young guys willing to vote these corrupt paid for by the NRA politicians out.


OMG, dare I say it? Bravo, Sessions, bravo!!! This should keep you off SNL for a week…



What I am waiting for is for the second amendment lunatics starting to arm themselves “against the tyrannical government” :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


The seller should be prosecuted. Shooting someone through a wall is criminal negligence. Imagine it she had let loose with an AR 15 with a 30 round clip…


Let’s make every gun owner pay any type of insurance. Like we do on our cars, in case “we injure or cause economic damage to others”.

And as it happens when there are lost of claims for deaths by guns, the premiums will increase every year.

Gun ownership would be solved. Big time!